let fall the veil


An experience I had 11 years ago – still speaks to me:

These rocks are resting in infinite resilience.

Grok the juice of giant boulders,

breathing like thunder too loud to hear ~

immense whisper.

The strength of the mountain is for the ant to measure

as it lifts a grain of sand.

Take in this wind wider than your throat can scream ~

or your lungs will burst with the ecstasy of This.

You must expand to implosion to contain it ~

Boundless frenzy.

How to stop at the signal and speak the words of man

while the rocks are calling you.

And the cactus flower begging at your feet to ecstasize your life

so you can join her and dance with the rocks.

The boulders squeeze their juice into the palm of my hand.

This water of life is awareness condensed into consciousness.

It is dripped into the eyes as they open to see each other and Itself.

Spring 2004


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