the inner sun

inner light 1

I am a self-luminous being. As my luminosity is directed back onto itself it becomes aware of itself as pure luminosity that shows up as various shapes and forms. Sounds, smells and tastes are as well forms of this luminosity. Viewed from this vantage point, thoughts are so much chirping of the human bird – at times audible and then we call it words and speech. When this chirping is not audible we call it thoughts or mind-chatter. This chirping can help to transfer images from one person to another and therefore can serve to align the movements of our luminosity into harmony, or also into disruptions of the patterns of luminosity, as the case may be.

From this vantage point I reflect on our freedom to choose: being endowed with the freedom to choose, I learn to refrain from choice-making that does not align me with the totality of this one Being. When I allow life to ignite from my center and express itself spontaneously, I am in alignment with the one Being. Through a personal life of inner awareness I align with the one Being, because through inner awareness I live ‘plugged-in’ to the one Being that I am. It feels like actually plugging my energy circuit into the larger energy circuit of the one Being that is all around me and includes me. All then “lights up” and becomes obvious as the one Being. Therefore I, as a person, spontaneously act in harmony with my ‘circumstances’ (which are the closest parts of the one Being to my person). Clear seeing then dictates all action, which is then “seeing-doing” from the Center with no lag-time and in an inner connection to the omni-present Center of everyone. Inner awareness of Life is when Life itself becomes aware of itself through the light of awareness being turned inward upon itself.

Today I see the cosmic scale of human life on this wonderful blue planet. Seen within the immensity of all movements and creations of the Creator energy, we are like a sparkle of the sun glinting off the facets of a gemstone. The sparkling has all the colors imaginable, from yellows to deep purples. Each of our thoughts is a tiny sparkle, making up the brilliance of the gemstone’s light. When the donkey brays, or the child cries, a sparkle is produced. Each word we speak and each move we make is a sparkle. Nothing can NOT create a sparkle that joins into the gemstone’s light as every form, no matter how subtle, is a light reflected from our Inner Sun. We can see when a thought, intention or deed has a brighter, more lively and vivid shine, or when it has a subdued or dull hue. When our shine augments the shine of those around us, we call it a “high-frequency” and conversely it is called a “low frequency” shine.

Love is the all-encompassing shine that includes all others through understanding, appreciation, humility, forgiveness, compassion and valor. When we begin to shine with love we include all other sparks, no matter what their hue or brightness. When we shine, or sparkle with the light of rejection, judgment or arrogance, we exclude other sparks and our environment’s light becomes subdued.

We are at the cycle of our genesis where we are spontaneously attracted to shine as Love, since Love draws us closer and closer together with the multitude of other sparks that comprise our one Being.

One thought on “the inner sun

  1. indeed you are enlightened, I can see through your vantage point what you mean…it’s a great piece, thanks for doing this work.

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