you cannot learn through experience

Breath of Essence  by Freydoon Rassouli

Breath of Essence
by Freydoon Rassouli

In a recent article on Corey Goode (aka GoodETxSG) made the following statement after a meeting with a member of the Sphere Beings Alliance:

“The Sphere Beings have put it all on us and when we decide to wake up and expand our consciousness to the point to where we realize its co-creative power. Once we do we can make things happen on our own timetable.”

This statement underscores the immense importance of expanding our consciousness and waking up to its co-creative power as a strong priority in the present phase of humanity’s development. The following article is intended to support this development.

You cannot learn through experience

You cannot learn through experience because experience is not a reality. What we call experience is an extremely reduced and compressed residual impression of the actual energy movement happening in any given situation. These stored impressions from the past conjure up the image-feeling of an experience (see also this post) but being only an emotionally-charged thought-form, they are actually merely one-dimensional and lack the true vitality and multi-dimensionality of the actual happening that they refer to.

An essential aspect of the mind-control mechanism that we are under the influence of is the concept of “linearity and the sequence of events” (time). This concept plays an essential role in disempowering and enslaving us. In any given situation we are “the point of perceiving”, which is non-dimensional and the source of all dimensions and manifest reality. This implies that the quality and belief upon which our perceiving is based, determines Creation, as our “act of perceiving” is the Creative act: it is the action of the Creator.

What is the quality and belief of our perceiving? Is it based on the belief that former movements of the totality of energy will determine the present moment? Then the quality of our act of Creation will be one of bondage, of being dependent on “what happened earlier.” Then we rightly (since we believe it to be so, this becomes our reality) assume that we must study our past in order to determine what is the appropriate move to make next, what we should do next to reach our goal.

The concept of linearity and sequence of events further enslaves us and robs us of our true quality as Prime Creator by implying that we are on a journey from A to B. “B” is then seen/felt as the goal to be reached. This mostly unconscious assumption actually includes the assumption that our present movement of energy is somehow incomplete, and less than satisfactory. In other words, we came from a state of imperfection and are headed to a greater perfection, or at least a state that is slightly more satisfactory.

Here we find 5 key concepts that wonderfully distract us from realizing our power and put us on an insidiously deceptive, albeit intriguing and highly entertaining track that is actually an infinity-loop leading nowhere:

  1. Linearity of the structure of reality;
  2. Events and all life happen sequentially;
  3. Imperfection;
  4. Perfection;
  5. Goal orientation

These are all to be discarded if we are to once again realize out actual identity and power as Beings of the Prime Creator energy field.

Consider this scenario:

  1. We ARE power. There is no need to be empowered. The concept of “becoming empowered” or “being empowered” very subtly creates an energetic of dis-empowerment by insinuating that we, in our present state, are NOT empowered. Looking at the word “empowered”, we see that is implies that power be given to us from outside, a privilege or a grace or gift. In reality we simply ARE power. This is everyone’s direct experience since every thought, word or action, every attitude we adopt, has an immediate effect. That is power. What is now happening to humanity and to each of us is that we are beginning to exercise our already available skills at leveraging this innate power.
  2. We, each of us, are the center of Creative power. This Creativity, this power, continually explodes from our center, as it is our essential nature to do so. This power does not, therefore, come from somewhere. That is why it is IRRESPECTIVE of any previous energy movement/pattern that may have been the result of the explosion of Creative power from ‘my’ center a micro-mille-second ago. Yes, we do possess the faculty of ‘memory’, of being able to hold on to a previous manifest form that the energy movement traversed in the ‘past’. It is at our complete discretion to do so when we deem it to our liking to carry a previous form over and integrate it into the next explosion of Creativity.

However, there is an aspect of our Creative power that is underdeveloped in humanity at present. The fact that we very rarely exercise this aspect of our power allows for the continuation of the conditioned stream of consciousness. I am addressing here our ability to completely release all former manifestation at will. That is why, collectively and individually, we are able to create THIS MOMENT absolutely fresh, untarnished, uncontaminated by the past, as the past consists merely of inert impressions on the mind-stuff. The past is dead. This moment NOW is our only point of power because only HERE is alive.

  1. The greatest tool of our Creative power is our Seeing. We are the point of perceiving, which is the non-dimensional source of all dimensions. We are now beginning to exercise this “Power of Seeing” to create according to our Will, which is the innate divine Blueprint of intelligent infinity. Another word for this power is “Divine Ideation”. In this mode of Creation IDEAS are of a wholly different dimension than the ideas, concepts and words as expressions of the conditioned mind-stream, nowadays known as “the matrix”. (The word “matrix” itself is part of the mind-control as it implies that this artificially engineered energetic structure/holographic manipulation of consciousness is the Mother of our reality. If anything, it is the ‘evil step-mother’ of various fairy tales.)
  2. In agreement with Krishnamurti’s views as voiced in the text below (Krishnamurti in Carmel), we enter empowerment, or simply, the state of our innate, aware, spontaneous and effortless power when we leave all things of memory behind and release them completely in favor of the state of absolute presence in the NOW, which is the spontaneous Creator state in every moment.

Before we come to Krishnamurti’s views, let us first consider more in detail some aspects of what we call “the past”:

In my experience, studying the past has only one beneficial effect, but several very pernicious adverse and destructive effects. Part of the matrix-myth is that “we should study our past in order to know where we come from, as this would tell us who we are and how we got to where we are now. This ‘knowledge’ is empowering”.

  1. If we buy into this belief, then we are hooked into the “belief in the sequence of events” as well as its partner-belief in “the ultimately linearity of the structure of reality”;
  2. This myth also subtly implies and hooks us into the belief that our identity has something to do with the past situations and life events that out soul-carrier (body-mind) was involved and entangled in. We are the confronted with ‘our’ weaknesses, ‘mistakes’ and ‘short-comings’, ‘our karma’ and more; a brilliant diversion of epic dimensions. Actually the word “identity” means “that with which we are identical, or one with.” By energetically binding us, through this belief, to the body-mind’s past, we are very effectively put on a fruitless track that sucks all of our vital energy into a black hole;
  3. This myth suggests the belief that the sequence of life events shows us how we got to where we are now. Hidden in this suggestion are two further stumbling blocks which further make real clarity quite impossible: a) it is assumed that we know who WE (or I) are/am, whereas consensus consciousness only ‘knows’ who or what we THINK we are/I am; b) it further makes the assumption that we know ‘where we are’ now – and can simply go over to the next step of finding out, HOW we got here. However, if we do not know truly where we are, (which actually means that we know what our true state of existence is) we are in the position of one who wants to count but is missing the digit “one” as we have no basis to explore the question.

Actually, this belief only serves to further identify us all the more with the manipulated events that our soul-carriers have been embroiled in, with which we had identified ourselves. If we want to understand in earnest “How” we got to where we are, we need only release all false views and beliefs that are blinding us to the obvious and we will find ourselves spontaneously in our primordial ‘point of power’, which is the NOW – free of all past memory impressions. From our point of perceiving, which is the eternal and infinite NOW energy point, there is no question as to how “we” got to “where we are”. All is very clear when viewed from our point of power; however there are no human concepts or words to convey it. Krishnamurti has attempted to convey this viewpoint and you can enjoy his very eloquent and inspiring attempts in this post.

  1. “Knowledge of the past is a valuable tool to know yourself” says the myth. The inverse is actually true: the past is a burden to be put down. Knowledge of the past is in no way useful in order to ‘know’ how to live and what to ‘do’ in the NOW. (see also this post) The only beneficial effect of studying the past is to finally bust this myth and come to the firm conviction that there is no benefit whatsoever to be gained from channeling any portion of our sacred life energy in any way, shape or form into the past. It is as absurd to do this as it would be to assiduously pick through and scrutinize the rubbish in the dustpan to be discarded that you just swept up. It is an expression born of insecurity and the need for safety: “Maybe I missed something and am throwing out something I might need later?”
  2. To explode from the center completely free of the known, as the infinite and eternal point of power that each of us and all of us together collectively are, is freedom from all bondage to the past. It is claiming our birthright and is true sovereignty. It is to be the mature, aware, living cosmic Being: our ultimate true nature.

Here are Krishnamurti’s views on the topic of “learning through experience”:

Krishnamurti in Carmel

(from God is My Adventure by Rom Landau)

Krishnamurti: ‘Most people come and ask me whether they can learn through experience.’

‘And your answer is?’

‘That they cannot.’


‘Of course not. You cannot learn spiritual truth through experience. Don’t you see? Let us assume that you had a deep sorrow and you learned how to fight against it. This experience will induce you to apply the same method of overcoming grief during your next sorrow.’

‘That does not seem wrong to me.’

‘But it is wrong. Instead of doing something vital, you try to adapt a dead method to life. Your former experience has become a prescription, a medicine. But life is too complicated, too subtle for that. It never repeats itself; no two sorrows in your life are alike. Each new sorrow or joy must be dealt with in that particular fashion that the uniqueness of the experience requires.’

‘How can that be done?’

‘By eliminating the memory of former experiences; by destroying all recollection of our actions and reactions.’

‘What remains after we have destroyed them all?’

‘An inner preparedness that brings you nearer truth. You never ought to act according to old habits but in the way life wants you to act spontaneously, on the spur of the moment.’

‘Does this apply to everything in life?’

‘It does. You must try to eliminate from your life all old habits and systems of behavior, because no two moments in any life are exactly similar.’

‘But all this is only negative, and I don’t find anything positive at all in your scheme of things.’

Krishnamurti smiled and moved nearer me: ‘You don’t need to search for the positive; don’t force it. It is always there, though hidden behind a huge heap of old experiences. Eliminate all of them, and truth or what you call the positive will be there. It comes up automatically, You cannot help it.’

I pondered over his words for a while, then I said: ‘You have just used the word “truth”. What is truth, according to you?’

‘Call it truth or liberation or even God. It is all the same. Truth is for me the release of the mind from all burdens of memory.’

This definition was new to me, but before I could say a word Krishnamurti went on: ‘Truth is awareness, constant awareness of life within and without you. Do you follow?’ His voice became almost insistent.

‘I do, but please explain to me what you mean by “awareness”, I replied.

Krishnamurti came even closer to me, and his voice became even more persuasive. ‘What matters is that we should live completely at every moment of our lives. That is the only real liberation. Truth is nothing abstract, it is neither philosophy, occultism nor mysticism. It is everyday life, it is perceiving the meaning and wisdom of life around us. The only life worth dealing with is our present life and every one of its moments. But to understand it we must liberate our mind from all memories, and allow it to appreciate spontaneously the present moment.’

‘I take it that by spontaneous appreciation you mean an appreciation dictated solely by the circumstances of that very moment?’

‘Exactly there can be no other spontaneity of life; and that is precisely what I call real awareness. Do you understand?’

‘I do, but I doubt whether such awareness can really be expressed in words. … I think it can only be understood if we actually experience it ourselves. No description can possibly do it justice. ‘

Krishnamurti did not answer immediately. He was lying on the ground, facing the sky. ‘It is so’, he said slowly; ‘but what is one to do?’

‘What indeed, Krishnaji? I wondered what you really meant when you told me yesterday that you tried to help people by talking to them. Can anyone who has not himself gone through that state of awareness of which you speak comprehend what it means? Those who possess it do not need to hear about it.’

Krishnamurti paused again, and I could see that he was affected by the turn our conversation had taken. He said after a while: ‘And yet this is the only way one can help people. I think that one clarifies people’s minds by discussing these things with them. Eventually they will perceive truth for themselves. Don’t you agree?’

SOURCE: Krishnamurti in Carmel,
(from Rom Landau, God is My Adventure)
P 267 PDF

Rom Landau, a man of many interests, was also an author. In his earlier career Landau wrote God is My Adventure (1935), a best-selling book in which he recounted his various contacts with leading figures and unusual persons of philosophical, religious, and mystical fame, among others Jiddu Krishnamurti. The above excerpt from Landau’s article “Krishnamurti in Carmel”is part of a conversation that Landau had with Krishnamurti in California in the autumn of 1934.





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