the craving for experience

spark from the infinite I am on the path of releasing everything that is extraneous to my original nature. This has led me to realize that all desires are extraneous to my real nature as they create a state of consciousness that is limited and cut off from the unlimited mystery. Every desire takes me away from and inhibits total unconditional acceptance of the present moment.

What is desire for any experience? It is the reaction of my neurology to input from memory, which are stored impressions from the past that conjure up the image-feeling of an experience and this is then interjected into the experience I am actually, existentially immersed in. Therefore the fullness of this present moment is distorted and blocked from my direct perception.

“When there is no desire, conscious or unconscious, for any experience of any kind, when one is wholly indifferent to the coming and going of all experience, when one is not asking for anything” then one is open to the experience of the boundless depth of the present moment, free of all limits. This is a key to going ”beyond the man-made frontiers of ideas and values”. To live as I want to live, uncontrived, not influenced by expectation, my own and those of my life’s companions, that is the imperative.

It is clear that all desires are a result of impressions of past experiences. Only when I have no desires for any experience of any kind, am I able to be in that state of consciousness free of influence of any kind from past impressions. How do I want to live? Can I live completely dedicated to Life in its wholeness? That is to say, I want to live directly, not fragmented by the distorted view through the conditioned mind.

There is a pure, uncontrived, primal experience of Existence that is unmitigated by memory and things of the past. In this experience nothing is labeled as human, universe, spiritual, evolution, me, you or even love and light. Even the word energy is absent. There are no dimensions or frequencies, nothing to know or make known. The craving for any experience of any kind is a movement of the mind away from being immersed in this primal, unmitigated experience of Existence pure, free of all limiting attributes superimposed upon it by the mind.

What is the meaning of this kind of an experience? To give it a meaning is to trivialize it and reduce it to human thought-patterning. There is the freedom to negate all thought-patterning, human and non-human alike. To be submerged in this unknown and to release the craving to know, born of the need to have security and safety, is the imperative of Existence if I am to open up to the immensity of the Mystery.

I hear the call from infinity and eternity and recognize that to answer that call is to see all categories of thought and all concepts as contrived and artificial. This call says to BE the mountain and the vastness of outer space as well as the infinity of inner space. How does the mountain looming before me, the deep flowing river and the ocean, how do they perceive this day, these humans with their ambitions and desires? To answer this call is to open up to this immensity and to discard all that will constrict this sacred perception that is forever free of all limitations. Only then can this perfume waft out gently and softly and penetrate, pervade all my living movements. May 12th, 2015, Chefchaouen, Morocco  

no illusion


4 thoughts on “the craving for experience

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  2. I found this writing to be so spot on! Indeed there is resonance of truth in the here and now and the here and now shared through these spiritful words. Presence with what is empowers divinity, who we are, upon this planet. The moment to moment prompts source us into the I Am existence on this very precious planet. Glad to meet u here!

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