a movement that came from nowhere and was going nowhere – Krishnamurti


The following is selection of Krishnamurti’s descriptions of his perceptions during the intense phases of the condition he called the “process“, which went on for many years up to the end of his life. He described these experiences in notebook entries which he made over nine months from June 1961 in Los Angeles with the last one entered in Bombay, March 1962.

These descriptions are from the entries over seven days (Switzerland, July 23rd – 29th, 1961):

a movement that came from nowhere and was going nowhere

this immense flame of power

destructive in its creation

vast stability

the power that existed before all things came into being

clarity and beauty

the immensity

an enormous sense of power, beauty and incorruptibility

something utterly incorruptible

too immense for the brain to grasp

limitless, untouchable, impenetrable

because of its incorruptibility, there was in it beauty

in its presence all essence exists and so it was sacred

a life in which nothing could perish

that sense of power, strength as solid as that mountain

which nothing could shatter

which no sacrifice, prayer, virtue could ever touch

it was there and the eyes, the breath were of it

it must come and you can never go after it, do what you will

a still, quiet brain and love

there was this benediction

it was very strong and everything was bathed in it

it was like the gentle rain

one became utterly vulnerable

the body seemed to have become light as a leaf, exposed and trembling

the beauty of it seemed incredible

though there was laughter, the solid, the impenetrable seriousness remained

nothing exists but that one thing

 immensity and awe

it filled the heart and the brain

there was a sense of immovability

to look is important

to see beyond this limitation

we do not know how to look through and beyond these fragmentary frontiers

the eyes have to see beyond them

penetrating deeply and widely, without choosing, without shelter

to wander beyond man-made frontiers of ideas and values

to feel beyond love

then there is a benediction which no god can give


On Self-Deception:

How easy it is to deceive oneself, to project desirable states which are actually experienced, especially when they are pleasure. There’s no illusion, no deception, when there’s no desire, conscious or unconscious, for any experience of any kind, when one’s wholly indifferent to the coming and going of all experience, when one’s not asking for anything.


On Kindness:

Why be mean when there are soaring mountains and flashing streams?




(SOURCE: Krishnamurti’s Notebook p. 29 – 33)


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