perception anomaly

sundial Imagine the image on your computer screen starts to lose its definition around the edges. You are, of course, unsettled, and so you re-boot. Luckily your screen shows a sharp image all the way to the edges once again. Relief!

I had an experience in the state between sleeping and waking a couple of days ago: around the edges of my field of perception, looking out into the room, there were suddenly gaps.

The gap were like the contours of fragments of a honeycomb-pattern: honeycomb-pattern-background and in the gaps there was nothing. It wasn’t the ‘nothing’ that was ‘visible’ in the gaps that was unsettling, but rather the sense that the holographic projection that you may have heard about, was faulty.

The holographic projection I am referring to is mentioned in many places, and here is one of them: “But the external worlds have been explored from inside the soul carrier, (the body) as that is where the conscious soul fragment lives in holographic reality. The sights, sounds, smells, feel and taste of the external world have always flowed through the senses of the body and are projected by the brain into an inner theater for the soul to experience.” In this essay, this is called the Personal Inner Hologram.  (Source: The Central Race, by Teka Luttrell)

This anomaly in my perception led me to reflect more deeply on what I call “reality” and also to reflect on the character of dream experiences that recently have become very, very “real”. What is the difference between dreams during sleep phases and what I am used to calling “real experiences” during my ‘waking’ hours.The following passage by Nisargadatta has shed some light on this for me:

“Once you have seen that you are dreaming, you shall wake up. But you do not see, because you want the dream to continue. A day will come when you will long for the ending of the dream with all your heart and mind, and will be willing to pay any price; the price will be dispassion and detachment, the loss of interest in the dream itself.”

It is true that experiences in the ‘real world’ have begun to lose their attraction for me and I find myself savoring the periods of ‘non-action’ that occur for me. In these periods I find myself opening up to a dimension that may be what I have heard called “the ultimate dimension”, or also “the non-dimensional source of all dimensions”. Perhaps this is the predicted “ending of time”? What a fascinating journey we are on!

4 thoughts on “perception anomaly

  1. In my experience similar to what you spoke of it is the un-covering that proved to be of significance. After allowing a good, deep soak in this experience an internal prompt suggested that I re-engage with the reality-matrix at hand. In the conclusion I found it was the introduction to these spheres that was needed but not the dwelling nor the dwelling in any of them. Yet I feel your description is those ultimate moments when we are residing in Source-Quantum Field-All Existence. Eventually I sense it will be our multi-dimensional awareness of all realities and dimensions that engages us in the wholeness of our experience of what we call life, here on planet blue.
    Wonderful writing, my friend!

    • I find that I am, of course, engaging with the reality-matrix at hand, as being in a body seems to result in that engagement. Definitely the un-covering changes one’s perception of the reality-matrix and allows for more dispassion and detachment. That is a healthy thing as it allows for less reactivity and more awareness in everyday situations.
      This journey is indeed mysterious in that it does seem to bring each of us to our own best unique point at which to engage in a new dimension of awareness and consciousness. As for me, I seem to be at a place of re-evaluation of everything I have ever known which I thought to be true. To myself, when I am in such a phase, I use the metaphor of disengaging the clutch on an 18-wheeler and being in ‘neutral’.

      Up to now it has always been my experience that something at some point catches my interest and I re-engage the clutch in the appropriate gear for the action to be taken. At present I am in contemplation of what lies behind the word ‘interest’. I am exploring viscerally what that is, where it comes from and how I am connected to it. It is an open-ended and off-script exploration…my favorite!

      • I no sooner digest what is on my plate and another byte comes through and I start all over again. I’m thinking eventually this accelerated path will at some point no longer offer keeping up with it. The mind is very likely to bow out, voice become silent and body intelligence in the driver’s seat….with consciousness along for the ride…lol !

        • Well said! Body Intelligence translates for me as the Great Unknown… It just does its thing and is always spot on! When I surrender to That, my body-mind neurology is a willing ‘actor’ in total improv-mode free of any resistance to all the changes. Whatever presents itself is opened up to and it immediately becomes obvious whether there is some physical-mental action to engage in… or not. It’s new and fresh from moment to micro-moment – no residue from yesterday – unless it shows up as part of today’s new creation. All that no longer serves to float the boat flows away – and the ‘boat’ is a continual mystery – but does become clear in every moment if there is no distraction to cloud my view.

          And yes, consciousness can sit back and enjoy the view 😉

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