Cosmic Cycles

A Message from Consciousness
Oh highest most pure consciousness, my dearest friend, lover, most true life companion! Show me whatever information so as to reveal your secrets and to unveil to me the truth of this existence and also that from which this existence comes, that I may rest in my true nature: svarupa!

I am awake beyond the three states. Light takes its journey from that first atom of pure existence without attributes. Feel that first state of pure beingness!

In it is supreme bliss, peace, love. Recline into that state as into a warm bath in a wonderful natural hot springs. Feel that one living water with these three aspects of bliss, peace and love. Feel the one atom of pure existence. You are that.

See the mirror. It is a crystal mirror with myriad facets. The one atom of pure existence is a golden orb. You hear the intense humming of that one atom, like an atomic power station. It is a vibration that you feel, hear, see and sense in your core. It explodes into the crystal mirror and out into space as myriad rays. These rays are reflected and refracted again and again by the crystal mirror which is everywhere as the inner structure of existence, of the one atom of pure existence. In other words, wherever you go and whatever you perceive is the mirror, producing reflections, refractions and distortions of the one effulgence.
You have been fascinated by the permutations of form as light, color, sound, touch, smell and “inner” mind images like a small child is enthralled by a bauble hanging over its crib. Now you see the worlds and universes for what they are: a wondrous and divine playground for conscious existence to experience itself. You are now seeing in your deepest core that what you see is yourself. You alone are.
You are returning to consciously be the crystal mirror and are now on the verge of seeing that the impulse to explode out into space to experience your power and your wonder is now subsiding. You are feeling the immense power to hold this energy of the one golden atom at your core and just glow, without projecting.
Just as you feel the vital life energy expand and expand as you inhale, and then, when the expansion cycle is complete, after a brief pause, during which you reside in the void in fullness, you let go of the impulse and allow the release – implosion happens, and all energy returns from fullness to emptiness. Then, when this opposite cycle is complete, you rest in the void again, in emptiness.
Now you want to rest in that space longer and longer, and are waking up to the fact that you are that space, that emptiness, which is intensely humming with potentiality. You are letting go of the urge to actualize that potentiality, as you have tasted that process to its fullness and completion. You see the fragmentation of consciousness that has resulted. You now yearn to reverse the fragmentation process and to allow all splinters of light of the one atom to subside back into itself, bringing their rich harvest into your essence. This is resting in your own form: svarupa – in which nothing is missing.

In this process you are owning and embracing all the fragments: this is unconditional love, and universal goodwill, caring for, compassion, connecting with the one Heart. As the veil lifts and you begin to carry and support this process from your heart, you experience a reintegration of all three basic facets of your nature, which are:

1)    Absolute Being: you are beginning to realize in your core that you cannot be born or die, that Beingness is before and beyond all forms that arise and subside. So the fear of death and loss is waning;

2)    Absolute Consciousness: you realize that every form is contained in consciousness, as every wave is part of the ocean. Your identification with single forms is waning and your ability to see consciousness itself as your true identity is growing;

3)    Absolute Bliss: the flavor of all experience is now this facet showing itself in all experiences, beyond the attributes of pleasant or unpleasant or any other attributes. Those and all other attributes are being over-shadowed, as the sun of Bliss that you are is less and less obscured by the clouds of the mind. You experience this as a very subtle warmth and lightness, an aliveness in all experience, a joy that has no ‘reason’, an increasingly continual letting go of anything that starts to cloud the experience or make it feel heavy. There is a more and more steady remembrance of the fact that joy is another word for what you are, with all flavors and feeling tones included. It is your basic nature, way before your nature as a human, as a light being – or anything else you may define yourself as.

To say: “I am” is to say; “I = Being, Consciousness, Bliss”

Let this frequency mature in you, in your life, in all of your doings. That is your homework for now.

Om Tat Sat

Tomas 1/7/2010


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