Serenity is one of the most important quality of my experience on this physical plane. There are many ways to maintain serenity. The one I have been most attracted to lately is mindfulness. For me this means continually bringing my mind back to my body so as to be physically present in all I do more and more.

Breathing is the first activity that I apply mindfulness to so that my mind and body are together here and now on this very subtle level. That allows me to notice when the breathing pauses and also the mind and to then enjoy the serenity of the vast space and silence free of all attributes of physicality  All emotions, feelings, thoughts of any kind have subsided. The energy of that space and silence have captured my attention and now I am spontaneously drawn into the state where witnessing just happens.

In that state all that happens and that is sensed is known as “just phenomena”. This means they are like the steam rising from hot water. There is no further or deeper significance to the steam, it is just a phenomena, not a soul, not self or “I”. In the same way, when “I am” is felt, many other feelings, thoughts, mental, physical and emotional states are sensed. They are all “just” phenomena. The “just” doesn’t devalue them in any way, but it directs my attention to the fact that is behind all phenomena, the Noumenon, as it is sometimes called, and by others it is called the Absolute. When I am in touch with the Absolute, or First Source, or Self, I am in a state of serenity irrespective of the movements in the realm of physicality.


4 thoughts on “serenity

  1. Thanks to you, I sometimes try to ‘observe’ myself/my feelings/thoughts when I am drawing/painting or sometimes even gardening, as almost always I am in a state of total serenity and am basically ‘blank…’ When I ponder this, I flashback to being a child/pre-adolescent, and I would either walk or ride my horse into the family-owned woodlands, go to a serene spot and sit… I never thought myself odd or strange, but I realize now that that was not too normal… No matter, I was drawn to a state of becoming one with the natural world, and I am glad for those early lessons…

    • “becoming one with the natural world” – and recently I have become more and more aware of our always ‘being’ of the natural world, and only through the distraction by the hypnosis of mind-conditioning have we felt ourselves ‘apart’ from it. Yes, we come ‘home’ to ourselves when we relax all efforting on any level and just ‘BE’.
      much love, tomas

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