a declaration of my sovereign beingness


This is my contribution to the I Do Not Consent declarations that many around the planet are current making. If you feel this wording resonates with you, please feel free to adopt any part or all of it as your own.

Pure inner beingness is the source of inner light and it is the Self. I Am pure inner beingness. When I take my stance in pure inner beingness I Am free of all attributes except one: beingness. When I take my stance prior to beingness I Am free of all attributes and I Am the Absolute which is the ground of beingness.

Inner light or effulgence shines through the mind as the lens and there is projection and the resulting perception of shapes and forms as reflections of effulgence. Caught up in identification with the shapes and forms there result thought patterns that appear as ‘I Am this or I Am that”. These are all of a quality that is relative to this energy dynamic of identification. When I divorce myself from this identification these thought patterns no longer result and I remain in pure inner beingness which is emptiness within and emptiness without. This state is full of existential significance. It is the supreme witness state and there is nothing passive about it – on the contrary, it is the complete antithesis of passivity.

Declaration of sovereignty in response to all attempted interference with my pure energy field:

I Am inner effulgence that is divorced from all identity with the conditioned streams of consciousness in whatever form they may take and from whatever time they may originate or have originated. I shine in my original purity as directly from First Creator. My effulgence is not distorted by any impurities from conditioned patterning. I take my stance as the smooth, clear crystal that is diamond-like and forever unblemished. No conditioned patterning that can distort the Love Force can adhere in any way to my energy field as this energy affords no hold for anything extraneous to the Love Force of First Creator. My inner resolve is eternal and infinite. It extends to all manifestation from the inception of the infinitesimal to the vast, unlimited reaches of the cosmos. This conscious alignment with First Creator is the energetic signature that separates my beingness from all interference of any kind from all times that intended or still intends to infringe upon my absolute sovereignty for the purpose of appropriating my energy for anything that is not supported by Love. There is no access to any form of my energy field for that which is not Love. I alone decide what forms I allow to continue in my energy field from one flashing into existence to the next. I have forever closed the account that for whatever reason may have ever accepted energy forms that contradict Love. I now accept only energy forms that are supported by Love and my energy flows exclusively only to forms within the energy of Love. Diamond-like clarity and purity which expresses as compassion, forgiveness, understanding,  humility, appreciation and valor is the energetic signature that forthwith determines all my thoughts, words and deeds. In every moment I Am Love in action and therefore am untouched by any influence that is alien to Love.





4 thoughts on “a declaration of my sovereign beingness

  1. Aaaaah, can absolutely feel the resonant Declaration of “I Do Not Consent”. Again, another be-ing filled with clarity adds their ripple upon the pond of hu-monity. For this we are All Declared Sovereign. May this unified motion be amplified in this very multi-dimensional instant and reveal its fruition in the tangible fabric we call reality. Together and all-ways connected We Are. Aho

  2. Dearest One — IMHO, there are not many who can maintain this stance, except those tucked away in mountain monasteries. This declaration is a statement that I know comes from a true place in you. It is not a place you wish to be; it is a place you very often are. I value this declaration, unique to you, for its positive framework and expression of truth, as close to Absolute as most humans on this planet can approach, at this time, under these circumstances. Thank you for this contribution to the “I Do Not Consent” movement. It is an example of the variety of expressions that can be considered as declarations of personal sovereignty and how one can state clearly what one is or is not available for.
    With great love, Alia

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