Holographic Projection of Phenomena

Holographic Projection of Phenomena – The Mechanics of Manifestation

laughing GaneshThe concept of “holographic projection of phenomena” is one of the many concepts that can assist us to better understand how our consensus reality works. Below is an excerpt from a book about the great modern sage Ramana Maharshi that deals with this topic. The book, entitled “Der Weg zum Selbst” (The Way to the Self), written by the German Indologist Heinrich Zimmer, was edited and published posthumously in 1944 by C.G. Jung.  The translation of this passage is mine. The title for this excerpt (p. 228 – 232) from “Der Weg zum Selbst” is my own creation.

The Mechanics of How the Self Manifests as the World

Questioner: Is there a place in the physical body that one could say is where the Self is located? 

Ramana: In general the right side of the chest is taken to be the seat of the Self. It is an everyday experience: whoever points to themselves motions with the hand to the right side of the chest and says: “I did that, I said that” etc. Continue reading