I awoke

sleeping beauty

I awoke in a state of beatitude. The feeling was completely homogenous and pervasive. There was a smoothness and softness as if the sweetest and deepest desire had been fulfilled and the fulfillment was never-ending and over-abundant. Imagine an infusion of divine nectar – AMRITA, through the crown of the head and simultaneously a very fine cloud of rose droplets like a fine mist, being breathed into my body through al the pores of my skin.

I turned my head on the pillow and beheld the most beautiful angelic face on the pillow near mine. Alia was still in deep sleep and her countenance radiated complete peace and a kind of still joy. Can I say her face was filled with an expression of utter inwardness and contentment? Words are mere symbols…

I allowed my senses to explore further and felt this same completeness and deliciously dense satisfaction in all parts of my body, all limbs and the torso, my head and into the inside of my body. I waited for the impulse to arise from within me to move. I gently slid out of the bed like an invisible shadow, got dressed and left the room. I savored each step, each movement in the sweetness of my body moving silently through the space.

In this way I moved into the day, gathered some wood in the backyard for a fire in the wood stove to take the chill off the room next to the bedroom. This dense sweetness of living as a physical man continues even now and I seem to be carried by it much as a bird by the currents of the air. My natural self knows how to swim with it and so I just allow it to play with me as the day continues to open up to me.





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