yoga sutras – sixth exploration: steady state of mind

“(The mind in the yogic state of Samapatti) is like a pure crystal which reflects the colors of an object brought into its proximity, but which neither receives not retains any stain on its body such as can be seen when the object is moved away from it. And even while reflecting the colors of an adjacent object, it absorbs no stain and remains wholly uninvolved in the colors it reflects.” Continue reading


I awoke

sleeping beauty

I awoke in a state of beatitude. The feeling was completely homogenous and pervasive. There was a smoothness and softness as if the sweetest and deepest desire had been fulfilled and the fulfillment was never-ending and over-abundant. Imagine an infusion of divine nectar – AMRITA, through the crown of the head and simultaneously a very fine cloud of rose droplets like a fine mist, being breathed into my body through al the pores of my skin. Continue reading