existential authenticity

Tomas's Beach Cave 2

Be attentive to words, to the amount of words used and how they are used. Each word is a representation, a symbol of something as well as having its own energy and physical form.

All forms are this one living Beingness and so words are like the fur of an animal or the perfume of a blossom – an expression of its qualities.


[Sanskrit: Allow the energy of manifestation to remain in your Heart.]


[Japanese: From true emptiness arises wondrous being.]

These are core expressions and for me they are like energy symbols or energetic codes or keys that calibrate my energy flow in a certain way.

There is much vital energy flowing out from me and connecting to suitable sensory objects. Can I be aware of that dynamic and monitor it without stifling it or thwarting it in its natural flow?


[Sanskrit: Internal glowing or lighting-up that happens when psychic/vital energy is not unconsciously dissipated.]


[Sanskrit: Going against the flow of conditioned consciousness up the mind stream to its source.]

With fine restraint the Love to Be is contained within “I Am” and does not flow out into “I am this or that”. Thus its SVARUPA [Sanskrit: own original form] is lit up and glows, allowing it to come consciously to your awareness.

Then the flame of attention is there, remaining as core beiningess and all shines in its existential authenticity free of ideational overlay.


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