yoga sutras – fourth exploration: ahimsa – life free of violence

ahimsa cali NS

Ahimsa denotes an attitude and a mode of behavior towards all living creatures based on the recognition of the underlying unity of life.” (1)

This says it all: Can I viscerally feel that the person, plant or animal (and even a supposedly inanimate object) in front of me is really part of the One Being which I am? Continue reading


yoga sutras – third exploration — yamas – existential imperatives

An imperative is a command. Existential imperatives (yamas) are commands of Existence Itself. In other words, it is just the way things are. If I acknowledge them and live in accordance with them, then I can move with the movement of Existence rather than be at odds with It. Continue reading

yoga sutras – second exploration – accessing witness consciousness

In order to investigate the movement of the vrttis, the patterning of consciousness, it was necessary to access witnessing consciousness.

For me Krishnamurti’s books and recordings were very helpful in this. With practice I became proficient in following his stream of thought and went with him as he took the mind through the exercise of becoming completely aware of the mechanics of its own movement. Continue reading

yoga sutras – first exploration — yogas chitta-vrtti-nirodhah


‘I am That’ is a core statement that carries the implication of the impersonal Being as identical with my own true Self. It implies that I see myself not limited to the individual physical-biological and psycho-somatic organism to which my parents gave the name Thomas.

My purpose at the outset of this exploration was to transcend the conditioned and limited experience of the person-hood that is the conventional mode of identity in this culture.

After being introduced to the exploration of consciousness by my teacher, Rajo,  in 1979, I began to experiment in various ways.  Rajo spoke often about the yoga sutra that defines yoga: yogas chitta-vrtti-nirodhah (Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness.) Continue reading