“… the person who had nothing to do, and who knows how to be simple and unconfused. Even though a bodhisattva who has ascended the ten bodhisattva levels gave all his heart and mind to discovering the traces of someone who has nothing to do, he would not be able to find him.” (Linji)

“If we cultivate the spirit of aimlessness, we will be fresh and free like the rose. But if the rose wishes to become a lotus, she will no longer be happy. A rose should just be a rose, and deeply manifest all her beauty and fragrance in the present moment.”

“One day the thirteenth century Vietnamese Zen master, Tue Trung, was at a big meal where both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes were served. When he served himself from one of the non-vegetarian dishes, his sister asked, ‘You’re a Zen master, but you’re eating non-vegetarian food. How can you become a Buddha?’ He responded, “I don’t need to become Buddha, and Buddha doesn’t need to become me.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

These statements from Zen masters from the past and present express a deep truth that is not readily obvious to most of us today. It is the truth that all that we hold in our consciousness as individuals is a kind of burden. Often we hear these masters say that once you get on the train, bus or other vehicle you can put down your burden and rest in your seat while the vehicle takes you to your destination. One such master speaks of the memory impressions in our brain as being actually like miniscule scars in the brain. He asks if our brain can renew itself and be untouched by the past, by the “known” in order to be fresh. When we meet each moment without the burden of innumerable concepts, expectations, prejudices and memories we are free to simply be as an integral part of this immense oneness.

The greatest security is found not in holding on to all experiences of the past in order to glean knowledge about possible future scenarios, but rather in opening up to the benevolence of Existence. We call this opening up “trust”. The realization of the inherent benevolence of Existence is to “know” that the actual fabric of the Universe is love. Some say love is the maximum human possibility and the fundamental law of the Universe. Whenever we lose contact with the vibrational frequency of love, we are dying and whenever we become consciously aware of love we are living, we are alive to the moment and everything in it.

To continually let go of the energetic residue of the moment, such as the memory of emotions, thoughts, physical actions etc. is to consciously die to each moment in order to be fresh for the next moment. The Source Creator wants us to be as fresh and pure as possible because then we are most available to be a vehicle for the deepest expression of the mystery of life. Love is the deepest expression of this mystery, love without a safety net or a plan or an agenda. Can I live without a trace of yesterday so that I can realize my maximum potential? Can I in every moment lift my inner eyes up to the Cloude of Unknowyng as a 14th Century Christian mystic called it? When doubt, irritation and dissatisfaction assail me can I open my heart to the force of love that surrounds me and take in that blessing? Am I able to become an open, unobstructed conduit for this fundamental energy of the cosmos to flow through me to all others I touch in this earthly realm?

7 thoughts on “traceless

  1. Enjoyed this greatly, Tomas. I was struck by the connection of memories to scarring of the brain. Really interesting. There are also the memories we have like Love, pure and unconditional, that must be something of a different sort, a relinquishing of clinging as you have described here. If a scar is something tightly held, healing is something released into the sky…


    • Thank you for your response Michael. It is something to explore… is our sense of Love really a memory? an impression of some movement of this eternal energy that is ever flowing, ever new? I am not sure. However that may be, my sense is that the letting go is like making a fist and then opening it – where does the fist go? So, yes, releasing to the sky gives me the feeling of vastness, unlimited by the mind’s concepts and images. To be open to the vast and unlimited “sky” is indeed healing, trusting in Love as the true basic nature of Life. Most of all the sense of memories as something that can hold us from this vastness simply suggests that we can die to every moment in order to be free of as much residue as possible and then be open for more of the newness of the present moment. Some residue is desired by us, such as the remembrance of the faces of our friends and lovers… what good clean water looks and smells like etc. It is a fascinating exploration! Peace! tomas

  2. Lovely post and sentiment expressed. It is a gift of love to give ones self the freedom of living and being present in the moment. Although I aspire to live every moment in that moment (actually I do yet in a fog or cloud as it were) in the present accepting and allowing it cherishing it as it is.

    It takes practice and observation to get to the point where you can live those moments in such a way. Letting go and just being is something we have been conditioned and taught is not a good thing. Like the cloud of unknowing the un conditioning and dis-guarding is something that must be learned as well before it can be forgotten.

    I suppose that may be so we can appreciate those moments of death and rebirth even more! Love it is indeed to be truly free of the thoughts that cloud ones mind and prevent the love of the cherished moment that is now and what it brings!

    Namaste, or just thank you with love and gratitude for what you chose to share in this post and many others! 🙂 Which ever makes you smile!

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