Have you noticed that we’re floating in the Universe?

Ami Child of the Stars 2

This title is a sentence from the wonderful book: AMI, Child of the Stars that I am currently reading.I highly recommend this book if you want to be uplifted and educated.

After he had an experience of a UFO in 1985, Chilean author Enrique Barrios wrote this inspiring and uplifting account, guised as a children’s story about a young boy, Pete (Pedro in the original Spanish edition), who meets the extraterrestrial Ami (short for Amigo, or friend). link here

You can read more about this book HERE and HERE is the link to the free PDF eBook.

Some excerpts:

“Are you completely sure that there is no civilization that’s scientifically advanced, but cruel?”

“All I can tell you is that it’s much easier to develop the technology necessary to build bombs than it is to build intergalactic spaceships. If a civilization without wisdom or kindness reaches a high level of scientific knowledge, sooner or later it will use that knowledge against itself. That will happen way before it would be able to travel to other worlds… Luckily for us…”

“But they could survive on some planet, by chance…”

He said that the Universe is the reflection of a perfect, superior order and that nothing happens by chance, because everything is interconnected. And he also explained to me that when the scientific level of a world exceeds its level of love by too much, that world self-destructs. “Level of love?” I could easily understand what a planet’s scientific level is, but the idea of “level of love” was hard for me to grasp. “The love that the human beings on a planet radiate can be measured by our instruments,” he said. “Really?” “Sure, because love is an energy, a force, a vibration; and if a world’s level of love is low, there is unhappiness, hate, violence, division and war. And if, at the same time, there is a high level of the capacity for destruction… Do you understand what I’m saying, Jim?”

“Not really. What are you trying to tell me?”

“I have to tell you a lot of things, but let’s go slowly.”

Ami Child of the Stars 3“The possibilities are here. The relationship between science and love on your planet is very skewed toward the science side. Millions of civilizations like this one have self-destructed for this very reason. Your planet is at a critical point in its evolution. These are delicate moments, dangerous times.”

While we were strolling around, he paused to look at the moon through the leaves on the trees.  At times he told me that we should listen to the croaking of the frogs, the chirping of the night crickets, the distant murmur of the waves.  He stopped to breathe in the aroma of the pines, the tree bark, the soil.  Often he halted in his tracks to admire a house that looked pretty to him, or a street or a street corner.

“Look how pretty those street lights are…  Pretty enough to paint…  Check out how the light falls on that vine…  And those roofs outlined against the stars…  Life is there for you to enjoy fully, Jim.  Try to pay attention to all that life offers you…  The marvels are there to be found every moment…  Try to feel, perceive, instead of thinking.  The most profound sense of life is found beyond thinking…  You know what, Jim?  Life is a fairy tale come true…  It’s a beautiful gift that God has given you…because He loves you.”

Universal laws:

We sat down together on a park bench away from all the people. I thought that the extraterrestrials should show themselves little by little so that everyone would become accustomed to them and then, one day, come out in the open.

“We’re doing something like that, but showing ourselves openly… I already gave you three reasons why that’s not advisable. Now I’m going to give you one more reason, the principal one: the laws forbid it.”

“What laws?”

“The universal laws. In your world there are laws, right? In the evolved worlds there are also general norms that everyone must respect. One of these tells us not to interfere in the evolutionary development of the non-evolved worlds.”


“We call worlds ‘non-evolved’ when they don’t live in accord with the Fundamental Law of the Universe.”

“What does all that mean?”

“All the worlds whose inhabitants live in accord with that Law no longer are divided by frontiers, have a single government and share everything they have in brotherhood, peace and harmony. That’s what it means to live in accord with the Fundamental Law of the Universe. That’s what an evolved world is like.”

On atomic energy:

“Because we want you people to understand that atomic energy is something very delicate, something that could even affect other nearby worlds. All that is information, Jim. Then we increased the frequency of the sightings; this is more information. Later we’re going to permit ourselves to be filmed. At the same time we’re establishing little contacts with some people, like my contact with you. And we also send ‘messages’ by telepathy. These ‘messages’ are in the air, like radio waves. They’re sent to everybody; but some people have ‘antennas’ able to pick them up; others don’t. All this is information. It helps.”

“And later you guys are going to appear in front of everybody?”

“When people live as God commanded; if they pass the ‘exam.’ It can’t be before then.”

“How terrible that you can’t intervene to prevent the destruction,” I said, feeling a little sad.

Ami smiled and looked toward the stars. “Our respect for the liberty of others is based upon love. This is why we must allow people to attain the destiny that they deserve. Evolution is a very delicate matter and we can’t intervene in it. We can only ‘suggest’ things very subtly through ‘special’ persons like you…”


“You’re not listening to the ocean; you’re not paying attention to the aromas of the night; you’re not conscious of your ability to walk or to see; you’re not enjoying your breathing.  You’re hypnotized, and, even worse, you’re hypnotized negatively.”  “Negatively?”  “There are ugly ideas that don’t have a basis in reality.  They’re dreams, fantasies, unjustified fears.  They’re deliriums, craziness, and because they aren’t good ideas, they’re not even craziness that’s fun. They’re nightmares.”

“Like what ideas, Ami?”

Ami Child of the StarsHe stopped in his tracks, looked toward the ocean and said, “Like the ideas of the people who believe in war, who believe that killing other human beings can be ‘glorious.’  That’s hypnosis and it’s hypnosis of the nightmare variety…”

“Now that I think about it…I think you’re right, Ami.”

“They assume that anyone who doesn’t share their hypnosis is their enemy.  Others think that what they wear makes them worth more.  And some people live frightened by life, fearing that they’re going to lose their health, their job, their mate; they think that both the world and outer space are populated by enemies and they go through life armed, with deadbolts and chains on their doors, guard dogs and insurance policies.  All that is  ‘nightmare-type hypnosis.’  All of them are hypnotized, asleep.”

“And can’t they ever wake up?”

“Every time someone breaks out of his mental nightmares and begins to feel that life is beautiful or that any moment whatsoever can be marvelous, ‘just because it is,’ then he’s  beginning to wake up.  A person who’s awake knows that life is a paradise, an extraordinary opportunity to be enjoyed, even though there may be difficult moments.”


4 thoughts on “Have you noticed that we’re floating in the Universe?

  1. What a beautiful expression of the “love world” that exists right in front of our noses. The explanation resonates and makes such sense. Aaaaaaahhhhh, another breath of fresh air. Thanks for bringing this forward!

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