the science of a living universe – part III: human thought approaches a new understanding


(This is the third of a series of excerpts from the booklet “Cosmic Metaphysics” from the Cosmic Awareness material)

Subsystems Can Evolve

This Awareness indicates that as the information processing continues, if it continues long enough and receives proper stimulus, it becomes possible for new intelligence to develop in a subsystem such as in a species or subspecies of life form to such a degree that its members begin to understand the way things work in the world of information processing. Thus, it has been for the human race and as entities become aware that they exist and can change their existences by the influence of the information being processed for or by them, they learn to direct their destiny based on Cosmic Law.

There have been those cultures which have been diametrically opposed to each other in which wars of religion, wars of political nature, wars of opposing values between individuals or cultures, nations or groups has given a history on the earth of great violence and conflict. But the development of information continues to process and human thought evolves to where it now approaches a new understanding, allowing people to begin to look not only at how information is processed and how instinct is programmed, but also how to alter a programming for individuals and for entire societies.

A truly New Being and New Society will emerge from the New Physics, the New Cosmic Biophysics that is emerging even now. In this New Physics, harmonious information processing will be developed which will allow entities to agree on things, agree on working together for a common cause, agree to protect each other, agree to serve each other, and in serving others, being served in return. As this occurs with humans, it also occurs with other elements of the Universal Mind. The forces of nature often clash and create great chaos, but they sometimes work together to pool their resources and energies for special and unique creations.

In certain areas in Costa Rica where the earth is of poor quality, the trees themselves have created a lush and fertile hanging garden that at about forty feet in the air is known as the “cloud forest”. Here, hanging from tree to tree for miles around, vegetation grows thick in deep layers that support a fertile garden of unique and unusual flora, plant, fowl, reptilian, and animal life that may never touch the outside earth itself. Here exists the world’s only butterfly with transparent wings, so upon observing you may see only a crawling insect…until it flies away. Here and only here lives the golden frog, for it has taken countless centuries to develop so that it lives not in ponds or streams upon the ground, but in the wide leaf plants high in the trees that collect the proper amount of water to allow it a place to lay eggs; and only in that proper temperature and the proper dampness can this creature exist. If things were to alter even slightly, such as an unusual change in seasonal temperature or rainfall amount, many species would disappear forever.

Likewise it is with the human race, there is a delicate balance in the chemistry of nature that must be maintained for human life to survive on this planet. All of this is created and managed by particular subsystem information, an earthbeing intelligence factor that guards life on earth, maintaining its information processing system. This Cosmic Information Processing System that maintains the delicate balance of life on earth continually works to accommodate new input of data, events, or changes; or it will act to erase a cosmic file/life, species, idea or civilization; or will function to invent a new creation, a new life/file, a new directory or subsystem to alter things.

One may ask how is it possible that all this can occur without an individual to direct these many processes that are occurring from cosmic levels down to the most minute subatomic activity? It is the nature of Cosmic Mind to constantly adjust itself to whatever is occurring and to create some kind of balance out of chaos. This goes beyond survival of the species to survival of harmony within systems.


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3 thoughts on “the science of a living universe – part III: human thought approaches a new understanding

  1. One if the areas I have seen this balance is in our Maui waters where the whales no longer seem to be sparing for a female mate. They seem to be working together and there are no more battles thus far in the waters. Breaching is seen in a playful manner much more than an form of competition! Heart to heart Robyn

    • Wow! That is very cool! I can feel the change of frequency in the “air” everywhere I go, and so I know it is happening. I also know the changes that have happened in me, in my behavior and my perception. I am sure we will start seeing more evidence such as what you observe with the whales – way cool!

      • I gt a video of an amazing 90 thousand pound whale breaching yesterday! There was also a pod of 6 males swimming with one female, they were way more calm!! It’s happening my friend!

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