the science of a living universe – part II: the origin of evil

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(This is the second of a series of excerpts from the booklet “Cosmic Metaphysics” from the Cosmic Awareness material)

As energies, substances, and information all being the same can be combined, likewise, energies, substances, and information can be extracted and separated from a unit leaving parts isolated as parts taken from the synthesis by the process of analysis. This separation and isolation results in an ignorance of the whole; such ignoring gives rise to error, which in turn has been called evil.

This is the origin of the concept of evil, it is ignorance and is often personified as a being such as satan, the devil, lucifer, or kal. This does not deny that each thing is in contrast to some degree with all other things, but that contrast does not create separateness, unless the relationship that binds all together in a whole, holy, holistic, or wholistic way is ignored. Separateness has to do with a perception that ignores the whole, while focusing only on the self and its interests. It is unwholesome or unholy to ignore the whole of things. The degree of that unholiness is a matter of how far one is separated from the whole of the Universal Mind.


The universe itself being an information processor, holds ultimate control over universal affairs, but within that greater framework, there are subsystems which have their local rulerships that control them. A subsystem maybe ruled by an idea in the mind of a head ruler who directs the generalities so that specifics are attended so the subsystem mirrors the idea that is held by the ruler.

In such a case the idea is the heart of the subsystem’s information processing method. Universal Consciousness is not limited as to how many subsystems it can create, and subsystems can be created within subsystems so that they continue perpetuating themselves in ever-repeated fractured expression so that there are fragments that splinter off and perpetuate themselves as individual sub, sub, sub, sub, subsystems ad infinitum to the smallest subparticle ever. Even the smallest subparticle has, within limits, a mind of its own, which along with its own oversoul, or superior information processor, helps in the subordinate information processing.

This Awareness suggests, incidentally, that when all is said and done, it will be discovered that “God” is the most minute and tiniest thing in the Universe, and is everywhere present; a Universal Information Processor.

The individual insect, the colony of insects and each species of insect is essentially a subsystem operating under some other higher overseeing intelligence or information processing system. How else can you explain the total co-ordination of an insect civilization that operates without directors giving orders? How else is it possible that termites could form a network of cooling vents in a great tall cactus that allows a termite at the top to open a vent for cooling, while simultaneously at the bottom, another termite co-operates by closing off another vent to help direct the air toward a chamber in the center? Who or what but an “Overseeing Intelligence” directs these things? Such a Collective Superconsciousness guides each subsystem and in turn, is itself directed by an Overseeing Intelligence.

How else can you explain the flight of birds which shift in perfect and instantaneous unison without any pre-rehearsal, order, command, or signal to alert the group? This Awareness indicates these subsystems that hold the insect kingdom themselves are subsystems of still greater information processing systems within the mind of the universe.

Interfering With a Subsystem

This Awareness indicates that in reference to plants, animals, insects, reptiles, fowl, fish or human beings, wherein subsystems become intermeshed with each other, or when an outside fragment of information energy is introduced, a new genus, species, subspecies, variety or variation of a creature or thing may be born. Amending something original with new information is not limited to creatures alone and may occur with other material or non-material substances such as emotions, concepts, designs, values, principles, images, objects, agreements, landscapes, geographical or even planetary and cosmic designs. For example, two intermeshed ideas, or an idea coupled with a fragment of other information may create something quite unique to its genus, species, subspecies or class. It is also possible to create principles that merge together resulting in a third and separate offspring of the originals.

Subsystems Have Limits

This Awareness suggests that within certain bounds the subsystems can create their own particular behavioral patterns, essences and information processing methods in a manner that develops a movement of its own, an inertia that becomes such that the subsystem can be made to be diametrically opposed to another that has developed. This may create subsystems that oppose each other so there appears to be a war between them. To the Cosmic Mind, this is nothing more than what you would experience as opposing thoughts in your mind, a dilemma of inner conflict or inner turmoil that just needs time to process itself toward harmony. But to those entities involved in the conflict, it can be experienced as a life or death struggle. This kind of conflict between subsystems may occur on many levels, between heavenly bodies, geological, chemical, cultural, social, personal, political, ideological, or any other subsystem set as polarized conflict.

(see also Part III: Human Thought Approaches a New Understanding – coming soon)


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5 thoughts on “the science of a living universe – part II: the origin of evil

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  2. Interesting, I have been thinking similarly of late. I meditate on a fetus growing inside its mother. It basically builds itself via an interaction of the parts. Likewise, the Gaia Hypothesis of James Lovelock speaks to the planet in essence evolving Herself through interactions of the whole body. Thus plants and trees release oxygen which we breathe in and we breathe out carbon dioxide that the trees breathe in. Intelligence, Consciousness and Wisdom thus has to be universal in my opinion. Even intelligence as we see it as reflected in school grades is a rewiring of connections in the brain. Now the question is: what of our modern day where humans are destroying the planet as we know it? Is this just a participatory move to create something new? What will arise from the ashes? Is this what appears to be death the catalyst for new life? I don’t have the answer, but do wonder.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response, Burl. I have heard said that there may perhaps need to be a breakdown before a breakthrough can occur. I am also fascinated by the dynamic of cymatic patterns (Gregg Braden – Vibration talk ) in which the pattern dissolves into absolute chaos just before it re-patterns into a more complex, higher vibration pattern. I sense more and more a kind of inter-being state where energy does not ‘die’ but is always transformed into another form.

      Looking at the magnitude of the cosmic dimension (how many universes with how many galaxies each?) it seems quite arrogant to assume any absolute importance for our planet that would grant us immunity for our present abuse of our living space, and thus we very well could destroy the basis for biological life here if we fail to release our limitations and stubbornly hold on to behavior based in separation.

      Either we open up to the underlying reality of oneness or we perish. What our/my energy will transit into in that case – or even in the case of a quantum leap in our evolution when we do open up to oneness – is anybody’s guess. (Here is a fascinating post Alia published recently on that subject: ) …and, yes, I too do wonder.

      That said, although I get news of crisis in many people’s lives and in the world at large, I personally find myself in the midst of an enlivening and uplifting process of letting go of old patterns and feel new depths of appreciation and insight day by day and moment by moment. I do indeed seem to be living in the New Earth compared to the past phases of my life.

      Happy to be in this exploration together with you in this way, Burl. Trusting that you two are well!

      with love, tomas

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