cosmic biophysics – the science of a living universe – part I


(This is the first of a series of excerpts from the booklet “Cosmic Metaphysics” from the Cosmic Awareness material)

In recent times, within the past decade or so, many scientists have moved to a new way of thinking, realizing that there is within the nature of the material universe something more subtle at work than mechanical and chemical action and reaction, something which creates systems that process information. And that these systems may evolve and form still greater systems which in turn may create more recognizable life forms. And these life forms may be interconnected with still greater information processing systems.

… (There is a) newly emerging science which is beginning to view the universe having a primary function or behavior geared to processing information. With the new physics developing through and beyond quantum physics, these are now being given fresh consideration. With the quantum theories it becomes possible for science to acknowledge that there may be something more happening in the universe than material physics and that there may be an information-based universe rather than a material-based universe.


Cosmic Biophysics, the Science of the Future

For these discourses now, we will jump into that science of the living universe focusing attention on that future science which may or may not be termed Universal or Cosmic Biophysics or what this Awareness now calls Cosmic Metaphysics, for they are the same thing under different names. Whatever it is named, it will deal with the information systems actively and willfully used by nature and the universe.

How to Channel or Experience Something Other Than Self

In the preparation for Basic Development Classes, this Awareness has offered the means by which entities may experience beyond the surface, beyond the superficial, into the essence or heart of the thing. This was given briefly and in a limited context in the Transpersonative Experience, in which entities attuned to each other to psychically read or experience each other.

It has also been expressed by certain writers under other names as in the book, “Stranger in a Strange Land” in which it is called “groking”. To grok something is to experience it psychically. This principle has also been expressed in the television and movie series called “Star Trek” in which the entity Spock does his “Vulcan mind meld” and attunes to something in order to understand it.

This Awareness suggests you need only to match your frequency to the frequency of the thing with which you wish to join in consciousness. To experience a tree, a river, a rock, a mountain, a concept, an event or another person, simply “feel” yourself being that object, and your frequency will begin its movement to match the frequency of the being or object. Hold and concentrate and you will suddenly “know” the essence, feeling, experience of the being or object as the attunement locks in at the proper frequency. This Awareness indicates that essentially it is not unlike tuning a radio to match the correct frequency to receive a broadcast.

This Awareness suggests that the next step in moving into a deeper understanding of reality of life is to recognize that this new emerging science moves beyond the quantum into cosmic metaphysics, and will begin to offer more and more enlightenment to you in the future. This new science will make it commonplace to recognize that the universe is essentially a system of information being processed eternally in various ways, according to the rules that are set up for each particular grouping or set of information in operation in any part of the universe.

For from the basic or root information processing system flow many subsystems, each having branches, limbs, twigs, leaves, veins, cells, etc. Subsystems and subsequent levels below, which in turn spawn further subsystems of information processing, range from the information processing of the universe itself, down to all its subsystems, and to the most minute sub particles which are also processing information.

When one realizes that matter, energy and information are all the same thing, being viewed from different frames of reference, then one “groks” the reality of the universe: that material objects entering another system of material objects is the same as information entering an information system for processing. Objects are energy held in form, and that energy carries its own encoded information that can be tapped, released and which reacts with other information stored in other material forms.

Thus, one sees a universe that has all characteristics – chemical, material, and mental, in its makeup, but every particle follows programmed information originating from a central source. This accounts for the truths found in material physics, but also allows for the information that passes itself off as intellect as found in living beings, ghosts, cosmic forces, divine interference with mankind, psychic phenomenon, instinct among all insects, birds, mammals, and reptiles, and other activities of nature.

If each system, genus, species, concept, idea, group, civilization, unit, cell, planet, galaxy, etc. contains its own energy-information-processing arrangement, as a kind of oversoul, then the tribe, colony, civilization, collection, and species will behave as directed by its own oversoul that serves as the unit’s information processor, which is designed to work with the information available in that unit or which may be added from outside the unit from time to time.

The Universe as a Gigantic BioComputer

The Universe operates much as does a living being, aware of itself and of all its parts. It is essentially a living computer, a Cosmic Mind. Many scientists are beginning to find this analogy as one that allows answers to questions that were previously unanswerable when contemplating a dead, materialistic universe.

The computer puts together pixels, or dots, on the screen which turn on or off in varying degrees to form an image or character. The universe puts together subatomic parts on its screen which turn spirit into matter in varying degrees to form a substance. Both the computerized image and physical matter play out on their respective screens, and were created by unseen powers of electricity or spirit as the case may be for each.

One could compare these subsystems in the Universe to subdirectories in a computer or different rooms in a building. The Ancient Egyptians used the onion as a symbol of the universe because it contained many spheres within spheres. The computer’s root directory contains many subdirectories of information which may contain unique information of a general nature leading to other, more specific, subdirectories and files. The file of the computer compares the life form or information system created by the cosmic biocomputer. Each is made from processed information, created by or springing from previous processing systems of their own for their own particular functions. In the universe, each such system usually processes itself into a system that perpetuates and continues its own existence, even if that existence must change or adopt to new data and input in order to survive.

For the computer, the energy comes from the electrical current, which in turn is used to process information that in turn allows information within the subdirectories and their programmed systems to be processed. For the Universe, the energy comes from its inherent energy, often called spirit, which activates the universal information processor that, in turn, controls and activates the subsystems.

This essential energy springs from the Universal or Cosmic Mind into the multi-faceted subsystems which perpetuate their own essences as nearly as possible, without interruption or change, unless or until a new force is brought in to alter the original system. Then that new force will either clash in conflict or will somehow be harmoniously incorporated into the original energies and be processed into something that allows both to coexist or blend together into something new, into a single synthesis from many parts.

(see also Part II: The origin of Evil – coming soon)




4 thoughts on “cosmic biophysics – the science of a living universe – part I

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  3. Excellent article, tomas! In physics I was taught that the universe is just a non-living, unconscious object subject only to the laws of physics. To think the universe itself is alive and conscious is a huge shift in thought paradigm and I am excited to see the new discoveries that this shift reveals. I especially love the quote,”To experience a tree, a river, a rock, a mountain, a concept, an event or another person, simply “feel” yourself being that object, and your frequency will begin its movement to match the frequency of the being or object.” Yes! Thank you for sharing. – Aaron

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