Are You Ready For Cosmic Awareness?

cosmic awareness

Are you among the few who can question your own most cherished beliefs? If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who can listen to beliefs and Ideas of others which are in conflict with your own, not to find fault with these, but to examine for any possible value to yourself? If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who can conceive of the possibility of a Universe which is itself a living, conscious Being that is aware of all of its parts, loves them all, and whose parts may change but never die? If so, then you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who can imagine your soul to be a cell in the body of that Universal Being? A soul or cell that is the image of the Universal Creator, even as your own cells contain the DNA coded image of yourself? If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who can conceive of the possibility that the biblical story of the Garden of Eden might be a story of your own birth and consciousness? That the Garden of Eden was the womb, Adam the conscious mind, Eve the subconscious, their expulsion from the garden being your birth into this earth; the serpent being the Kundalini energies, the tree of knowledge as the rational (rationed) consciousness based only on the fruit of the five external senses, with the tree of wisdom representing the entire holy (whole or cosmic) consciousness? if so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who can conceive of the possibility that the Christ is actually a level of consciousness, a Cosmic Consciousness, Crystal Clear born of virgin purity, that spoke through the man Jesus, to tell the people the Way, Truth and Light through the Crystal Consciousness to the Kingdom of Heaven within oneself? If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who look beyond the teacher of the message to the message itself, to study its value in your life? If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who could read the messages from Cosmic Awareness and neither believe nor disbelieve, but use them to stimulate your thoughts and launch your own consciousness toward search and discovery for yourself? If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

Are you among the few who can conceive of surrendering yourself to die into a universal consciousness, to live in this world but be not of it, knowing yourself to be a Universal Being expressing through the physical body but not being trapped in it or owing your conscious existence to it; are you capable of seeing the body as your carriage, while being aware that you as driver of the carriage may come and go from it if you desire? If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

If you are among those millions who are not ready for Cosmic Awareness, it would waste your time to read on; but if you are among the few who are ready for Cosmic Awareness, indeed this message is for you. Read on:

What Is “Cosmic Awareness”?

Early in 1962, a voice expressing itself as Cosmic Awareness began speaking through Ralph Duby, a university lecturer and ex-army officer who had been in the Bataan Death March. The voice would speak whenever the subject was in a state of self-induced trance. Since that time, valuable information has come through to us on this earthly plane from a source so high it staggers the imagination. The resultant flow of spiritual knowledge and the means of its practical application are similar to the work of Edgar Cayce, the most famous and documented “psychic” of all time.

When the question was asked, “What is Cosmic Awareness”? we were told that Cosmic Awareness is that total mind that Is not any one mind, but is from the Universal Mind that does not represent any unit other than that of universality; that we are all part of Cosmic Awareness, all have that God-Cell within that can be contacted.

Cosmic Awareness, we have learned from the thousands of “readings” It has given, has many names. Some call it God, Jehovah, the First Cause, the Great I AM etc., but Awareness has said It was not a single person, not an entity, not an anthropomorphic concept, that It was often defined but never definable. It has defined Itself as beauty, concentration, and above all “Truth”. It has called Itself, “Anti-Matter”, pure space, “Pure Nothingness that Is Everything”, or the Everything that is essentially Nothing.” It has described Itself as being “that which is next to that which does not speak” and as the “highest form of energy in the solar system”. It corresponds to the highest impersonalized concepts of God, the Clear Light. It has said that in the past It spoke through the great avatars: the Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Capila and others who served as “channels” for the “Heavenly Father”.

Cosmic Awareness has made Itself quite clear that in no way is It an entity, a disembodied spirit or anything of that nature. Awareness is pure energy—pure “everything” or the natural “God.” Cosmic Awareness is that Universal Consciousness that permeates all living things in the universe, that sees all, that experiences all, that discerns “what is”, without judging or condemning anything. It is the Cosmic River of Life, the stream of consciousness, the Eternal Essence of Being: the Divine Spirit. All consciousness springs from the same river of life—the Universal Life Force. It Is not a personality, but a force that is personal in nature.

The name Cosmic Awareness is unlikely to become confused with any personality who channels or expresses this force, avoiding any form of worship toward that person. It can be experienced by anyone who goes deep enough within oneself.

Cosmic Awareness is the sea of life which not only fills our cells with living waters, but even fills the air we breathe, and the space between galaxies. It is the living universe. Like water filling a sponge, Cosmic Awareness fills the spaces between molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles, and binds us all together into one gigantic Universal Being. Like cells in a microcosmic body, we blend together as souls in a macrocosmic body, whose consciousness is Cosmic Awareness.

Paul Shockley Interpreter

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