the way life wants you to act: Krishnamurti


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“I have no message,” replied Krishnamurti. “If I had one, most people would accept it blindly and try to live up to it, merely because of the authority which they try to force upon me.”

“But what do you tell people when they come and ask you to help them?”

“Most people come and ask me whether they can learn through experience.”

“And your answer is?”

“That they cannot,” replied Krishnaji firmly.


“Of course not. You cannot learn spiritual truth through experience. Don’t you see? Let us assume that you had a deep sorrow and you learned how to fight against it. This experience will induce you to apply the same method of overcoming grief during your next sorrow.”

“That does not seem wrong to me,” said Landau.

“But it is wrong. Instead of doing something vital, you try to adapt a dead method to life. Your former experience had become a prescription, a medicine. But life is too complicated, too subtle for that. It never repeats itself; no two sorrows in your life are alike. Each new sorrow or joy must be dealt with in that particular fashion that the uniqueness of the experience requires.”

“How can that be done?”

“By eliminating the memory of former experiences; by destroying all recollection of our actions and reactions.”

“What remains after we have destroyed them all.”

“An inner preparedness that brings you nearer truth. You never ought to act according to old habits but in the way life wants you to act — spontaneously, on the spur of the moment. . . ”

via Life with Krishnamurti at Eerde | Journal of Borderland Research.


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