The Day Peace Happened


He listened carefully and said “Right”. He became very quiet and a great power and silence filled the hall. This silent force overflowed out into the surrounding countryside coating every rock and every blade of grass. The humming of the insects was not arrested but rather modulated and harmonized, so that the people in the fields felt uplifted, as though they were hearing a celestial concert. They, too, were embraced by this mighty flow of Silence. Their wandering thoughts and restless feelings became tranquil and it was as if their brains had been flushed clean of all memories of pain and hardship. Smiles appeared on their faces and their furrowed brows smoothed as if gentle fingers caressed and soothed them.

The lean cows on the paths seemed to fatten and fill out and their expressions became happy so that it was a joy to perceive them. When the fishermen began pulling in their nets, they were filled to breaking with beautiful fish. The wheat in the fields took on a luster and fullness, their tips swollen with a golden harvest.

Fathers put down their hoes and plows for a moment and just basked for a while, feeling renewed in the late afternoon sun that seemed to have suddenly become mild and refreshing. Mothers with nursing babes felt a bounty of milk flowing from their breasts and the infants drank readily, feeling the immense love in the divine nectar from their mothers.

As the flow continued outward from that zero-point it filled every city and village. Government officials put down their pens, turned away from their computers and went outside to the squares and parks to join the inhabitants who all spontaneously gathered to just be together in harmony, drinking in the love from each other’s’ eyes and smiles.

On the street corners there appeared piles of guns and weapons of all kinds as those who had wielded them suddenly wondered how they could ever have used them to harm their brothers and sisters. People came out of their mansions and fancy cars to give freely of excess food, possessions and money, feeling blessed to be able to help those in need.

Peace had happened.


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