Intelligent Infinity – Intrinsic Order

intelligent infinity

Journal Entry – October 30, 2014

In the purity of the early morning air the white Egret-like birds fly from tree to tree. The neighborhood rooster crows a perfect song as the late October sun peeks through the top branches of the cedars into our garden. The young man in the house just beyond the garden wall is speaking with his grandmotherly mother and then begins to sing a sweet song. It sounds like one of the modern Arab pop songs one hears on the radio and it is a pleasant song that reminds me of folk songs of the 60’s. It is touching that he sings so unselfconsciously in his beautiful melodic voice, full of affection, almost like he is singing to his mother. It is all the more poignant for me to hear this sweetness, as oftentimes one hears the sounds of emotionally agitated (and even angry voices) from this family, especially when the father enters the scene. Today, however, it seems to be peaceful and gentle over there and this tenderness is part of the tenderness of the land itself at this early hour, before the North African sun reaches its full strength.

On the background of this setting, the following thoughts arose in my mind.

When one is identified with the choice-making movement of the mind and one moves with the sense of personal choices that need to be made at every fork in the road, one is moving in identification with the form that we call “I”. Generally this form is limited to the psycho-somatic organism of this human form, which can also include more subtle realms that some see as non-physical. No matter how all- encompassing one’s concept of one’s self is, it is nonetheless usually conceived of as being within the world of phenomena.

The manifested world has an intrinsic order that constitutes the design within which each form unfolds, or evolves (Latin e-volvere, to unroll). If left alone, each form (which includes our human nature) naturally transforms into that which is finely aligned with the movement of the Whole. If one refrains from making choices that are an expression of the conditioned stream of consciousness we call the ego, the supreme flow of Intelligent Infinity is allowed to shape manifestation without interference. Human perception and behavior then are infused with and directed by the wisdom of intuition from Intelligent Infinity, or Self.

To be in the witness state is like being a sponge that soaks up the energies of the manifest world like the parched earth soaks up the first rain. Now I remember how Nisargadatta says to “swallow” all experiences. It is the tremendous activity of the witnessing state that opens itself to take in all movements on the phenomenal plane while in a state of choiceless awareness. One takes in all of it without owning or possessing any of it, or engaging with any of it.

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