From the Hearts of Angels


From the hearts of angels

To the souls here on Earth

The song of beauty rings out.


Not to be captured, transcribed or published,

This beauty elopes with us

When we take the bold step.


There is a mountain

Higher than the sky

That beckons to us:

Please – raise your sights!


All spiritual disciplines,

Wisdom and truths

Cheer us on to explode

And burst out of this shell.


We have long been mature

To wake up from this dream

And yet we are caught

In this web of deceit.


We believe our own thoughts

And get lost in the maze –

Is there no way

To wipe out the haze?


At the point of inception

We all see the clear light

But then we slide into

Our dastardly plight.


We dance with the shadows

And get stuck in the muck,

Then we struggle and struggle

To lift ourselves up.

And lose sight of the splendor

We harbor inside.


Settle down, settle down

Like the water glass

Swirling with mud


You are clarity itself –

Just be still for a time

And give it a chance

It will reveal

All you wanted to see


Remember — you are

Diamond-like stardust

Sparkling and dancing

Drinking in the great light.


3 thoughts on “From the Hearts of Angels

  1. i once dreamed that i was swimming against the current in a big whirlpool… a friend was swimming on the opposite side…. i suddenly turned and swam to the edge (i realized then it was in a swimming pool!) and walked across the room and shut off the power breaker…. the whirlpool stopped. end of dream.

    poof – it’s so easy, just shut off the breaker, and the waters of life become much smoother….

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