wondrous being: a mystical experience

shin ku myo u pin

Lying on the roof in the evening close to dusk and looking up into the now pale blue sky, myriad infinitesimal light particles were raining down. As a child, and even as a young man, I sometimes looked up like this and was mesmerized by the spectacle of these energy particles that seemed to only be visible when looking straight up into the sky with a soft gaze. The intensity I was perceiving now was a thousand-fold stronger than I remembered having seen it years ago. I could not keep my eyes open to it for long, only for 6 or 7 seconds at a time. My inner sense of these particles corresponds to what is described as adamantine particles in the following article:

Adamantine particles are crystal-like particles of infinity, which contain stored potential to manifest any original substance or element. It can also be said that adamantine particles are encoded with a kind of “universal DNA” that allows them to form any possible type of atom.

Adamantine particles require “power” to build the other particles and atoms. There is, however, only one type of energy (not energy generated by friction as we know in 3D) that is compatible with them. This energy is the magnetic power of Love, which pervades the Universe in the form of Universal Life Force.  Love is not only the most beautiful feeling, it also is the power which ignites and directs adamantine particles into manifestation.

We can also call Love and its magnetic power, Potential; pure and infinite potential to command the adamantine particles to form infinite numbers of forms of expression of such potential. Love is the ultimate force in the Universe; it holds every galaxy, star and planet in its place. In the presence of Love, patterns of beauty, perfection, harmony and efficiency manifest spontaneously.” (source: AdamantineParticles)

Later, at midnight, I was doing yoga stretches to relieve the discomfort of the body which woke me up to after two hours sleep. For years I have experienced what is called “restless legs” in the night and then usually get up and do some simple qigong exercises and find relief. Lately, a much stronger energy pulsing in my whole lower body has caused me to get up from bed in the night, sometimes only finding relief when taking ibuprofen. This night, however, there was a sense like my bones were steel girders whose ends were askew and were grating on each other. There was a feeling of great strain and the thought arose that this may have been faintly like what the mediaeval “rack” torture felt like. I then began some deeper yoga stretches and body twists, and after almost an hour there was some relief.

Suddenly, during the yoga, I was drawn into the physical realization that there is not one particle in the universe that is not connected with my body. Every sensation is interplay of all particles of the universe. The diamond-like sparkling and iridescent scintillating light particles spiraling down on me and onto this world which I observed earlier on the roof were now like alive fire that was making up my physical body. These tiniest particles are consciousness as it takes on physical form. They go into any form as directed by consciousness – an implicate order?

These particles are information and I was receiving downloads: True seeing, which is the absolute energy of existence as pure consciousness, has no object. Seeing is the beingness aware of itself. Any movement away from this single fact of seeing destroys the fact and there is fragmentation into the seer and the seen. The two basic energies of existence as the seer and the seen are in a constant relationship to each other in equidistance. This means there is a fine poise of the seeing as the seen and vice versa with equidistance governing their relationship as each is also distinct. Any movement wanting to possess – which is to know the “other” – results in ignorance and delusion as one cuts oneself off from the One reality. Seeing is the energy which is manifest as “subject without object”. One can only BE that energy but not know it as an object and therefore not possess it.

All movement toward security, toward tomorrow necessarily results in falling out of the state of “seeing” and one becomes a mere shell without essence or vitality: an empty, one-dimensional and brittle mental form. All fear, all most subtle tendencies to control manifestation in a linear, objective way creates pain, all suffering and the most horrible atrocities that man perpetrates on man. Only complete trust and surrender to this Other that one can never “know” allows this intelligent mystery, which we also call Love, to flow into form in Its own unfathomable way as absolute harmony, which is absolute benevolence and a blessing to life. As stated in the above article: “In the presence of Love, patterns of beauty, perfection, harmony and efficiency manifest spontaneously.”

Our minds can reflect the absolute plan of this implicate order and acquiesce to it and that is what we see as our contribution to co-creation. In this soft surrender we open up to feeling what is offered on a very subtle level and we can then embrace the offering with our daytime awareness. Does this support the harmonious manifestation of “paradise on Earth”, which is what we all sense is intended for Existence? I believe so. Do logical-rational thoughts forged into a linear plan from our limited perspective, sourced from past impressions and experiences of the past tend to create blindness and deafness for these subtle messages from intelligent infinity? Yes, I believe they do. Only when this surrender with a soft mind to the voice of the Beloved is anchored in our daytime and nighttime awareness do our thoughts take on a new quality and become the valuable servants of Love, allowing us to once again see clearly.

There is a very short saying in Japanese that has become my inner mantra since this infusion of my awareness by the adamantine particles: shin ku myo u. Translated it says “from true emptiness wondrous being appears”. Its guidance for me: when I let go of all images of the past and all projections into the present or future based on these past impressions, then I am poised in the clear brightness of Emptiness or No-Thing-ness. Then the blessing of wondrous being appearing every second everywhere in myriad forms and also as Space and Silence is possible and its spontaneous grace can enter my awareness.

If the mind is not overlaid with wind and waves, you will always be living among blue mountains and green trees.

If your true nature has the creative force of Nature itself, wherever you may go, you will see fishes leaping and geese flying.

Hung Tzu-ch’eng



5 thoughts on “wondrous being: a mystical experience

  1. “Do logical-rational thoughts forged into a linear plan from our limited perspective, sourced from past impressions and experiences of the past tend to create blindness and deafness for these subtle messages from intelligent infinity?” a good question to ask…

  2. Lovely to read your insights dear Tomas. So good to get a visceral hit of the way we are accompanying one another on the path, the irresistible power of love’s direction.

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