the passion to change now – Krishnamurti

flight of the eagle

These passages from a talk by Krishnamurti in which he answers a question, focus on the importance of a certain quality of self-observation. When one is able to brings all of one’s attention, with the full passion of one’s body, mind, feelings and soul – all levels of one’s being – to be with ‘what is’, then a transformation takes place. Here is Krishnamurti’s answer to a questioner as to whether it takes time to change:

Can I end psychological things immediately?

I cannot, if I accept the idea of gradually freeing

myself from the past. But what matters is to see the fact as it is

now, without any distortion. If I am jealous and envious, I must see

this completely by total, not partial, observation. I look at my

jealousy – why am I jealous? Because I am lonely, the person I

depended upon left me and I am suddenly faced with my

emptiness, with my isolation and I am afraid of that, therefore I

depend on you. And if you turn away I am angry, jealous. The fact

is I am lonely, I need companionship, I need somebody not only to

cook for me, to give me comfort, sexual pleasure and all the rest of

it, but because basically I am alone. And that is why I am jealous.

Can I understand this loneliness immediately? I can understand it

only if I observe it, if I do not run away from it – if I can look at it,

observe it critically, with awakened intelligence, not find excuses,

try to fill the void or try to find a new companion. To look at this

there must be freedom and when there is freedom to look I am free

of jealousy. So the perception, the total observation of jealousy and

the freedom from it, is not a matter of time, but of giving complete

attention, critical awareness, observing choicelessly, instantly,

all things as they arise. Then there is freedom – not in the future but

now – from that which we call jealousy.


This applies equally to violence, anger or any other habit,

whether you smoke, drink or have sexual habits. If we observe

them very attentively, completely with our heart and mind, we are

intelligently aware of their whole content; then there is freedom.

Once this awareness is functioning, then whatever arises – anger,

jealousy, violence. brutality, shades of double meaning, enmity, all

these things can be observed instantly, completely. In that there is

freedom, and the thing that was there ceases to be. So the past is

not to be wiped away through time. Time is not the way to

freedom. Is not this idea of gradualness a form of indolence, of

incapacity to deal with the past instantly as it arises? When you

have that astonishing capacity to observe clearly as it arises and

when you give your mind and heart completely to observe it, then

the past ceases. So time and thought do not end the past, for time

and thought are the past.


excerpt from Krishnamurti – The Flight of the Eagle


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