on suffering – from Cobra’s August interview


This is an excerpt from the August 2014 interview by Rob Potter with Cobra. See full interview (incl audio) here.

Rob – “OK. you mentioned a few time that the universe was created as a result of dynamic tension between two opposing forces. Can you talk a little more about this.”

COBRA – “One is the force of one, some call it the source, some call it God or Goddess. There are many names for this. The other source is the random quantum function. The universe was created as a result of the interaction of those two forces. Darkness was not created. It just came into being by itself. This is the reason it is so hard to understand darkness because it does not have any meaning. Suffering does not have any meaning. Actions by the cabal do not have any meaning because they are not originating from higher perspective. It is simply a reaction to the underlying quantum reality which has not been integrated or absorbed into the one.”

When we contemplate Cobra’s statement, it tell us that our situation is characterized by the phenomenon of unconscious behavior on the part of partial streams of consciousness. It also says that there is “no meaning” to this unconsciousness. At another point in the same interview he states “Awareness is the key to stop this”.

He speaks of the manipulation as being something each of us consents to: “Of course people are manipulated into this. But they choose to be manipulated into this. If the masses would refuse this manipulation then this violence would not happen.”  In reference to the current long-ongoing conflict in the Middle-East, he states: “This hatred between Israelis’ and Palestinians was artificially engineered. People were sucked into this conflict.” Here we can see how we experience this manipulation as “being sucked in” to something – and yet each of us can become aware of being sucked in and can withdraw from that manipulative energy through heightened awareness, or stronger Presence.

Cobra describes our present situation as one in which many are being mind-controlled, including all the members of the Cabal. This tells me that, although we all are imbued with the innate capacity to be aware of all that happens to our individual energy streams of consciousness, under certain conditions we experience disruptions of our awareness and “go unconscious” due to a wide variety of influences that are seemingly “outside” of our own energy field.

In another section of this interview Cobra responds to Rob’s question regarding the cause of darkness and suffering:

Rob – “You stated recently that the little shard, the black stone which is part of the larger one, is at the center of the cosmic anomaly and the darkness. Are you able to tell us where and how that black stone originated. What exactly is the anomaly that caused the darkness and suffering.

COBRA – “This black stone is actually a very dense condensate of strange or dark quark matter. Potentially very dangerous state of matter which can cause a lot of trouble. On the quantum level it is connected to the quantum chaos which is the source of suffering.

Rob – “How did it originate.

COBRA – “It was created out of nothing, spontaneously.

Rob – “By fallen beings or just natural . . .

COBRA – “It was a natural process like a random function which doesn’t have a meaning. Wild fluctuation on the quantum level.”

I find it essential to our present understanding of our role in the shift to greater consciousness as a species to reflect on this statement. To see the darkness and suffering in our existence as caused by a “wild fluctuation on the quantum level” can instill us with the sense of greater determination to no longer be seduced by the myriad threads of the matrix that have ensnared us. When I realize that the entire holographic projection we call ‘the world’ has been contaminated by this  quantum anomaly, I get the picture of a natural catastrophe of cosmic proportions as the underlying condition that led to “not-seeing”, or darkness and the resulting suffering.

The blindness resulted in not being able to see our actual true nature as intelligent infinity that possesses the characteristic of creating and experiencing itself as form. The intelligent infinity is an energy of pure seeing that is in no way actually connected to WHAT it sees, the “seen”. It remains always the “seer”. Instead of manifestation happening and forms appearing that we can see and experience in their dynamic together – without being caught up in that dynamic – darkness leads us to the experience of being ‘compelled’ to be integrated into the experiences of the forms with each other. Consciousness then identifies itself with form, as actually BEING a form. The ending of a certain form is then experienced as its own “ending”. The term for this condition is “separation consciousness” or also “form consciousness”. One could see this as a very serious, life-threatening pollution of consciousness by a strong toxin.

From here we can see that this delusional state was/is a state of deep and pervasive suffering on all levels of existence. The inability to realize oneself as non-existence was lost. The war we are engaged in is one requiring great compassion for all streams of consciousness as energy that has been contaminated by the quantum anomaly, a formidable force of nature. To focus on the manifest streams of consciousness that are acting under the influence of this force is not the most effective way to meet this challenge. The “wild fluctuations on the quantum level” can only be stabilized and brought back into balance with the one homogeneity through deep awareness work. To counteract this pollution of consciousness means to stabilize and to ground one’s own energy stream as far as possible in every moment of the NOW in the homogeneity of our pristine and crystal clear true nature before manifestation.

From this place we embody the energy of “pure seeing”, which automatically goes into embodied action in the most effective and most suitable way whenever the need presents itself. It always follows the prerogative and the existential imperative of supporting existence to neutralize the effects of the quantum anomaly and to regain the balance of its energy structure.

For those who may ask how to stabilize in the energy of pure seeing, I relate my own experience. For me it is about deeply understanding the effect of engaging in the conditioned mind-flow. Once I see that to allow myself to be seduced into flowing with the stream of the matrix in any way is to facilitate all of the suffering of existence, I disengage. It feels for me like stepping on the clutch in a stick-shift vehicle: I am in neutral. The determination to disengage more and more continually comes from the sensation of being like a person with his hair on fire – there is no thinking about it, there is just doing: stop.

This neutral state is only neutral in respects to the dynamic of the matrix consciousness. Once disengaged from it I find myself in the eternal NOW, completely free of the connection and the fetters to anything from the past. This means all concepts, memories, images, desires, wishes etc. This requires a conscious decision to no longer give any allegiance to the past in any way, shape or form. Only then am I the pure seeing energy and my every thought and action is dictated by intelligent infinity. This is not a complicated process but it requires absolute determination to no longer allow the effects of the quantum anomaly to rule my life.