to love and be loved ~ VI – Nisargadatta


Questioner: My fear is not being able to love or be loved.

Nisargadatta: Please understand, feeling love for others, consciously and deliberately, cannot be done. That feeling of love must be understood and then love will unfold itself. Love for the Self, this consciousness, “I Am,” those who have understood this as the true love, have themselves become love. All has merged in them.

This chemical which makes the body function is the smallest of the small, and the biggest of the big. It contains the entire universe, it is itself love and God. That chemical, that consciousness, provides the light which enables the world to get on. That love is not an individual love; the indwelling principle in all beings is that love, the life force.

Begin with this emotional love and dwell in your beingness. Whatever happens, happens in that which has been objectified in time and space; from complete absence has come plenty. The body is born, takes its space, and then it goes, but the Absolute is not affected. That eternal state prevails in spite of all happenings. Whatever tangible and visible world there is merges into nothingness. However that nothingness is also a state – so that nothingness also goes into the Absolute state.

Q: How did I happen to identify myself with the body?

N: What is this “I” to whom you are referring who has become entangled in the body and wants to know the answer?

Q: I don’t know. Why is it I cannot know who I am?

N: I can only know something different from me. How can something know itself when there is nothing with which to compare? It is alone, without identity, without attributes. We can only talk about it at the phenomenal stage.

I have got this illness. What is the illness and on what has it come about? The illness is not separate from what exists as the body, breath, and the knowledge “I Am.” This is one bundle which has been created, whatever happens is contained in that bundle.

I have been separate from it before conception, and I continue to be separate from what has been created. It has happened, it will continue for a while, then it will go away. Time has brought this about and time will end it.

Is not what was conceived and born the same now? That “I” has not changed from the conception till the present moment, It has come for a particular length of time.

What was conceived has grown has grown physically, and some of the expressions of this knowledge “I Am” have achieved tremendous things. Some have become avatars, some have achieved success in various fields.

At the end of the time span the magnificent personalities, and whatever they have achieved – both have disappeared. It may have been for many years; this “I Amness” may have remained existent for hundreds of years in particular cases; still, however long the time, there is an end to it.

Some of these avatars and jnanis have understood what the ‘I Amness” is, that it needs a body before it can manifest itself, and the body can only come out of sexual intercourse. Having understood it, instead of remaining in that knowledge apart from manifestation, and merely observing manifestation, they started giving advice to that which is only conceptual; all manifestation is conceptual. They said, “Let there not be sexual relations.”

Many of these avatars and and jnanis have given this advice. Has it happened? Has the rain stopped? Has the production of population stopped? No. Nature will take its course. It is only to be understood, nothing is to be done.

Remember only one thing: that it is this “I Amness” which has remained unchanged at all times, and which pervades the entire universe. It is the highest God as far as this manifestation is concerned.

Ultimately even this is temporary, and what I am is prior to the senses, spaceless, timeless, without attributes, but in the manifestation this “I Amness” is the highest God and you must be one with that.

Q: When the body dies is there a question of rebirth if I still identify with the body?

N: So long as you identity with the body, whatever is written in the scriptures you must follow. When you lose your identity with the body, then you can do whatever you like.

June 27, 1980, p 17, 18, Prior to Consciousness, Nisargadatta

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3 thoughts on “to love and be loved ~ VI – Nisargadatta

  1. Thank you Tomas — “Love” as Reality is much different from “love” as a concept. N. addresses the topic from the Reality standpoint. Traveling beside you for 10 years has brought me closer to this understanding of the true nature of Love. ♥

    • In some ways Love now seems to me to be like water to the fish – a very normal element in which we move in our everyday. Only when there is some misalignment with love do I notice the dissonance.
      with all love, t.

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