only by firm conviction ~ V – Nisargadatta


Nisargadatta: Immortality is beyond time and space; in that timeless, spaceless existence there is no entry for the five elements, for light or darkness, for the sun or the moon. Timeless, spaceless existence doesn’t know that it is. That is reality, That is the truth.

In any amount of meditation, etc., you do not remain in your real state; it is only by firm conviction that you are the highest that you stabilize in the Ultimate.

Normally a common spiritual seeker will not understand what I am driving at because he is seeking something he can enjoy. What is your ambition in being a spiritual seeker? You are looking for advantage in the world, to take care of your daily life – that is the maximum you expect out of spirituality. The so-called sages, who are following a spiritual pursuit, focus their ambition on seeing that their daily life goes on comfortably. Why in hell did I happen to be? Nobody inquires about that.

Only that person will visit this place whose virtue and sin have come to an end. So long as there is that stigma of the memory that you are a body-mind you will not understand.

The sum total of all this talk is known as Sat-Guru-Parabrahman. In that state there are no requirements. My state is that which never felt the creation and dissolution of the universe.

May 11, 1980, p. 15 – 16

Nisargadatta: The waking and the sleep states and the “I Am” consciousness – these three are not your attributes but the attributes of that chemical. To what does the word “birth” apply? Is it not the birth of that which is in the body which makes it conscious? The chemical denotes the love the Self has for Itself and of which it wants to continue.

All experiences will be a means of suffering if one hasn’t realized what they are. All experiences are due to memories and are merely movements in consciousness and therefore they cannot last. Happiness and unhappiness come and go. If you have the correct perspective, the world is still going on with a sense of quietude.

Nature has the institution of death. If death did not exist, there would be an unbearable accumulation of memories. People come and go, the memories are wiped out, therefore there is a sense of balance.

Questioner: But what is known to be temporary seems as if it were going to last forever when it is enjoyed. What is to be done?

N: Whatever you do will end in a calamity but you will not stop doing it because this is the nature of the body consciousness.

Death is considered to be a traumatic experience, but understand what happens. That which has been born, the knowledge “I Am,” will end. That knowledge which was limited by this body will then become unlimited, so what is to be feared?

June 27, 1980, p. 16, Prior to Consciousness, Nisargadatta

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2 thoughts on “only by firm conviction ~ V – Nisargadatta

  1. As always, it is the grand paradox: only when I accept what is the Highest as my identity and “know” It as what I am, namely that which cannot know Itself (It can only BE Itself), do I gain inner knowledge of what the world and the ‘feast of life’ in essence are. Thanks for your response, M!
    with love

  2. T -I adore the depth of the contemplation offered by your shares. Thank you for this! So much desert out there in the world which can be fun to engage with, but there is lots without true or lasting nourishment at the feast of life. Out past being…aye yai yai!! -x.M

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