Giving Goodness – The Bright Side

(The following is a post that was included in this week’s Poof Report.)

The Bright Side, by Bernard Dozier ++ Sunday June 29, 2014
> Giving Is Present Moment Creation
> Creation was (is) a divine explosion of incalculable
> gratitude of indescribable scope radiating from Cen-
> ter to Circumference on an infinite scale. It was (is)
> the giving of Divine Essence, Substance, Being, Life,
> and Form to all that we sense, imagine, and intuit.

> Why we give is rooted in the Creator and the Crea-
> tion, but to do justice to Him our thinking must ex-
> pand far beyond Him serving as Host and Landlord
> of Heaven. The God of Creation is Principle(unchan-
> ging Lawfulness), Omniscience/Omnipresence/Om-
> nipotence, expressing as universal Truth.
> Giving, then, is the Creator’s imprint–symbolic and
> literal–on us and on our every transaction. Our Crea-
> tor’s Mind is a vast Givingness, and our mind operates
> like His. Our giving enmeshes us in Creation, which
> continues as Creative Principle–Cause and Effect.
> Creation is a cosmic, unceasing Cause and Effect, a Giv-
> ing and Receiving without end. Giving and receiving are
> as intertwined as inhaling and exhaling, and are just as
> damaging if one is given priority over the other.
> Being attuned with The Infinite, our joy in giving and
> receiving is His joy. And that means giving happily of
> everything in a joy-created Creation. Giving was Spir-
> itual Principle long before churches insisted on being
> receivers–and they couldn’t not be if they gave Truth,
> Love, and Light the way Jesus did. But giving goes be-
> yond religion. It applies everywhere. Give your good-
> ness (in any way, shape, or form) anywhere and it will
> return, increased (in the way, shape, and form that
> meets your real need and desire) from everywhere.


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