We Are Inside!


We are inside!

Living with this consciousness we become the New Earth and all we do takes on the quality of the New Earth:

“While I attempted to sleep, one idea from among many sprang out at me, literally shocking me: We are IN God. We were NEVER externalized! These words do little to explain my emotional, subjective feelings of participation in this idea. … For suddenly I felt being-in-God as being-in-a-house. Everything we imagine and know is inside. There is no outside.

“I felt claustrophobic for a bit… my visual perception was again altered in a strange smoother way, so that everything I saw was an inside that was inside itself, ad infinitum. I felt dwarfed. But almost immediately came the oddest feeling of fantastic security, and I realized that being inside God. . . we were literally made of God-stuff and were therefore eternal.” (Jane Roberts, Nature of Personal Reality)

This world is the latest seed that sprouted inside the seed of creation. Hiranyagarbha, the Golden Egg of Creation, is like a Russian Babushka doll: each one contains another, smaller one inside. We are thus surrounded by the “flesh” of the Creator. We are, in fact, embedded within the Creator’s creation, which constantly forms new fractals of itself with unique aspects.

I sit and watch the ocean (God) throw up waves (God) upon the beach of sand (each grain is God) and the gulls cry (God crying) as I smile to myself (God smiling to God). So no fear, we are eternal and there is no end to us. Take Heart and go out (in) and play with God!

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