Dear Female Energy – Marco Missinato

Female Energy

Dear Female Energy,

You are the Essence of all that Exist,
Every single living form comes from your motherly energy

I feel from the deepest of my heart the immense pain and the suffering you have been through.

It was the silly and desperate attempt of the male energy to control you and dominate humanity.

The attempt could not be successful as nothing can survive without your Love, without your Presence

The world desperately needs You now

My journey is fully dedicated to support you and to help the process of your forgiveness, to help you to heal those deep wounds within your soul. So that you can come back to Humanity and bring back the Joy and the Love, the Compassion and the Power within your Essence

That is my reason to be, my reason to exist

I am and always be here for You

I love you

Marco Missinato

Paul Michael Sparks About Marco Missinato:

“I spent the evening with this amazing composer Marco Missinato, ( who is a born and raised REAL Italian Child Prodigy… He’s been composing music since he was a little kid. You gotta hear this guys music. It’s the sound of the angels!!!”


Marco’s Facebook page here.


True Sovereignty

True Sovereignty (freedom) can be achieved only
through Sacred Love
which is the harmonious
and balanced interchange between
the Male and the Female energies

Music, when conceived from
the creative/energetic field that is found outside the Matrix,
support and promote such achievement

Marco Missinato

“Since the very beginning of my physical experience I’ve been longing for a world of unity and love.
I have always felt it in those brief moments when music was playing…
That is why I write music”.

“Music is the door, the bridge between us and our soul.
It is like a ray of light which illuminates the darkness of
our fears and disintegrates
all inhibitions. ”

Marco Missinato

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