Living New Earth: Sound Creates Our Reality

“Did you know that abracadabra comes from the Aramaic abraq ad habra, which literally translates to ‘I will create as I speak’?”

Through a post on “The Reading Guru” I was made aware of a most wonderful book by Dielle Ciesco on Voice and how sound creates our reality, written in fiction form. Here is an excerpt. Enjoy Reading!

“It’s time to educate one another so we begin to recognize the tool that lies dormant in song. Learn the subtleties of vibration and the impact our voices have on ourselves—our very DNA!— on each other, and on our world. Open your eyes to see. Sound penetrates into many dimensional realms.”

“Use sound as you walk through your day, reinforcing love here and dismantling fear and illusion there. Use sound to clean up our messes, our buildings, our planet, the water, the very air, and our relationships. It can be done. Once we recognize that sound can pollute, we can take measures to counteract the damage caused from decades of our ignorance.    “It’s time to use sound to communicate with physical objects, the astral realms, our intuition, and our mental bodies. We must use sound to communicate with our very bodies and to help us alter our nervous systems for the coming changes. We must use sound to communicate with the No Sound, the Source of all that is.”

“For a very long time, the Voice has been patiently waiting for you to bring it into full consciousness. This is a call to awaken the lion that sleeps. You’ve been wielding your words like feathers for so long, when all along they were more like swords, piercing your mind with their poisoned tips, striking out at yourself and those you love and those who are different from you. For so long, you’ve accepted your universe and all of the concepts in it without question, unknowingly using words to fortify your dark and lonely castle when you could have used them to create a beautiful, inviting garden. For so long now, something else has held the power of the word and used it against you and the people you love. No more.”

“The meaning of life is the meaning you give it,” she continued. “That sounds so simple to understand, but this is one truth that resounds in every reflection of your life. You are the creator. If you can surrender your need to understand this or to deny it, you can begin to understand the importance of reclaiming your Voice.” pp. 23 – 26

Here’s the original post by “The Reading Guru”  with further excerpts from “The Unknown Mother”,

Book Excerpt

“That laser-like look of intensity took over Matrina’s eyes. I could tell she was about to go off on one of her profound tangents. I tried to concentrate, a sugar headache coming on.”

“The science of Cymatics reveals how vibration creates form. It reveals our birth—for we, like the sand, are subject to vibration. Some unseen, unheard song is creating us—singing us into being. We are the sand upon the vibrating plate, taking shape into our existence, believing we are the peaks and points that take form, and believing we are this or that. In reality, we’re malleable, moldable, and at the mercy of the Great Sound. For if this great sound were to cease or be disrupted, these mighty houses we’ve constructed would disperse like so many grains of sand flung to the wind.

“Something is conscious of us. It listens as it plays upon the instruments that we are. It takes delight in the cacophony, an orchestration so grand it is far beyond our contemplation. It is masterful, elegant, swift, and awesome. It is the Song of the Universe—and more. It is our Composer, and one who loves beyond conditions, beyond the beyond. If the law of ‘as above, so below’ holds true, then we too are composers. We too sing songs that breathe shape into reality. But are we listening? Are we paying attention to the compositions we create?

“What is our rhythm? What order are we singing out of the chaos? Are we in harmony with the Great Sound? Do we breed forgiveness or hatred with the words we speak? Do we give form to self-pity and blame or to maturity and wisdom? Do we relinquish our masterpiece to our reasoning minds, ignoring the awkward thud that deflates our spirit? Do we allow the voices of others to influence our melody with fear or with hope? What are the consequences to our choices? Someone is always listening. What are you saying?

“In essence, our words do not matter. They are but sand upon a plate. You are the vibration that stirs the sand. You are the energy that forms the peaks and points and geometric patterns. Where is your faith? In words? In meanings that were forced upon you? Or is your faith in your own musicianship? Can an artist infuse hatred with love, fear with love, resentment with love, violence with love? Yes! Reclaim the symbols and be Love, sing Love, create Love, perpetuate Love. Make sure the music that everyone hears in your presence is the Divine Song, no matter what.”

“Thank you, Matrina. That’s one hell of a bedtime story.”

“Sweet dreams.”

About The Book

bookcoverTitle: The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with The Goddess of Sound

Author: Dielle Ciesco

Genre: Metaphysical / Inspirational Fiction

It isn’t every day that one meets a goddess, let alone a Matrika or being that presides over the sounds of language. It is said such deities can bring us complete liberation. Will that prove true for a struggling vocalist named Wrenne when a mysterious woman appears and offers to help her find her True Voice? This beguiling and eccentric teacher guides us all on a deep and powerful journey through 10 mystical gates of sound, sharing great insights, secrets, and profound wisdom about the power of letters, words, and our very own voice to transform the world around us.

“Did you know that “Abracadabra” comes from the Aramaic…” abraq ad habra”, which literally translates to “I will create as I speak”? The message of The Unknown Mother is to reawaken people to this truth and to that which we habitually take for granted…the power of the voice. When we bring our awareness to our voice and learn to express it in new ways, with impeccability, we rediscover our true message. Voice is the key to unlocking our power and magnificence. The Unknown Mother is an adventure for lovers of word, sound, and voice taking the reader into these heart of sonic mysteries. This isn’t standard knowledge; this is a gift for our times.”

Author Bio

Dielle in Mimizan“Dielle Ciesco specializes in the transformational power of the voice to heal and connect us with our own Divinity. She is passionate about every Voice, be it the one we use everyday to communicate, the ones we hear inside our heads, the silent voice of wisdom, voices raised in song, or the ones that call us to awaken. The creator of Vocal Toning Meditation, Transformational Voicework, and Toning for Peace, she is a featured improvisational vocalist on the TLC series with Visionary Music, creators of DNA Activation music, as well as on the Bliss of Being with Richard Shulman and the Pure Heart Ensemble. With over 18 years experience as a performer, teacher and healing facilitator, Dielle blends her experiences in vocal toning, sacred sound, meditation, Toltec & Bon shamanism, multidimensional music, Reiki Tummo, coaching, and teaching to assist clients in discovering a deeper connection to their inner truth and wisdom. She teaches workshops, writes, sings, makes art, and works one-on-one with clients. The Unknown Mother is her first book.”


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