Collecting the Nuts

Dear Friends,

I do share much of this author’s view of our belief about wealth and true value in our life. I do believe that we are capable of using the representations of value that we call money without losing sight of the true source of all worth, which is each and every one of us, our inalienable Eternal Essence. We have often lost sight of that and have assigned value to exterior “things” that we call “stuff”. On this subject Ben Hewitt is very eloquent and inspiring and I recommend his book highly!

Brainwashing for Economic Slavery

“Yet I cannot deny a certain degree of resentment that money – or lack thereof – commands so much of my attention and generates the overwhelming majority of strife I experience. I cannot help feeling somewhat bitter that, no matter how hard we try, no matter what deprivations we endure (and there have been plenty, I assure you), Penny and I remain beholden to the monetary realm. saved-2aI am bothered by the fact that for the majority of my adult life, I have fretted over money. And then ridiculously, I fret over my fretting: Why have I allowed myself to worry so much? I have never gone hungry, or spent a night unsheltered from the elements. I have never been at risk from these things. Most of my worry, I have come to realize, has emerged from a place of uncertainty and fear. Not over the present, mind you, or even the mid-term future, but over the belief that I should be accumulating monetary wealth in preparation for the unknown future. Why? Because it’s what I have been told I must do; it’s what we all have been told we must do. And so we collect the nuts, trading our time – which is to say, our life – for them, and squirreling them away and then worrying about whether or not they’re squirreled in the right place, at high enough return, to enable us to live the life we someday hope to live.”

Saved, Ben Hewitt, p. 20

“And there’s this, which I have hinted at but perhaps not overtly enough: I cannot help but wonder if the assumed version of wealth, replete with the means to call forth on a whim whatever goods or services one might desire, actually bespeaks a certain poverty. Rich in anonymous, homogenous things… Cheap, easy, impersonal. But the space is never truly filled; the need is never truly met. Because the space and need are not to be found inside the shell of our homes. Indeed, they are to be found inside us.”

p. 22

Link to Ben’s site here.

7 thoughts on “Collecting the Nuts

  1. Thank you for this, Tomas. I have just finished reading “$aved” and will be posting my own material on this subject in the future. Hewett’s book is a remarkable collection of insights, garnered by asking the hard questions in the face of a highly propagandized system that seduces us, the consumer, to purchase every aspect of our lives and then feel emotionally disappointed, so we go out and buy something more. Time to get off this train and stop spending our life energy in this slavery system.

  2. I definitely have to agree with much of this author’s perspective. I particularly liked the line about collecting the nuts, “trading our time”, which is actually our life for the perception of security. Thank you for sharing, Tomas. I may have to pick up this book in the near future because I can certainly relate. 🙂

  3. Love this post! We all need enough money to eat, have a home and, hopefully, a few luxuries but, other than that, happiness definitely is found inside of us, not collecting “stuff” at the mall. This book looks like a great read.

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