Deeply Manifest Your Beauty

“The businessless person does everything without leaving any mark. He lives in a joyful, relaxed way, achieving a lot without aiming for anything.”

“If we cultivate the spirit of aimlessness, we will be fresh and free, like the rose. But if the rose wishes to become a lotus, she will no longer be happy. A rose doesn’t need to become a lotus.”

“A rose should just be a rose, and deeply manifest all her beauty and fragrance in the present moment.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go, p. 174


This says that we only really live when we realize the true worth of our physicality. Living as we do, bringing spirit into flesh with every breath and every thought that we create, we are the universe in all its magnificence coming into our form. This takes us into great intensity when we are present and aware right now, but much less so when we are distracted by ideas about what will be the next moment or looking at what was in the past.

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