I was listening to the OPAL Tour (One People Absent Limits) conference in Panama City, Florida and this description by Sacha Stone (The New Earth Project) of our process to sovereignty struck me as very clear and therefore I am sharing it here with you:

Sacha Stone: “We need to address the question of sovereignty and of stepping outside of all of that imposed jurisdiction, because that’s been the problem.  So when we simply hit that trigger internally, all of us, and go: “hang on – back the hell up! What you are doing is continuously imagining that we can re-purpose or reposition or reorient the game, when it’s taking place on the same old playing field. We have to actually leave the playing field altogether, no longer recognize it in any way shape or form, and begin to redefine what a playing field it. I think that that’s where, what we are all talking about, the flashpoint that brings all of us together, and why we keep talking lately and why we’re going to continue talking and we’re going to work through this Rubicon together, is really that: we’re entering into the transmutative, transcendental character of this conversation, this narrative, and that is telling us that we need to step out of the fox’s garden, so to speak, to use my favorite term at the moment, and start to build our own garden. And we can all do that, and it is that planetary, supranational, extraterritorial and unified declaration of sovereignty, where we step out and establish our own universal court of record, or planetary court of record under the consensus of right-minded, heartful human beings, under a covenant of fellowship. So again, leaving the invisible contracts with corporate nation-states and stepping into a covenant of fellowship.

Below video Minute 24:13 – 25:55


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