I Ching for This Week – #30 Li – Radiance

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i ching 30 li

#30        Li     Radiance; Omens Shine Bright

Above    Li    Glowing light, the power of consciousness
Below    Li    Glowing light, the power of consciousness

The Wisdom:

Unio Mystico
Sacred marriage of heart and soul
Gathering together
Creates a useful synergy

What is separate will not survive. An energy force is coming toward you at a rapid speed. Have no fear—this is an omen, a good omen. The image of a clinging fire is represented in the original ideograms that comprise this hexagram, Li. It is a like a fire that clings to the heart and makes way for the new as it burns away old doubts, beliefs, and patterns that have kept you in bondage for a lifetime. Beliefs formed early on in life and ingrained societal patterns are the fuel for the fire that illuminates the jewels of life that have been shadowed by doubt, silence, and shame.

That churning excitement you feel is the fire in your belly that is making you a little excited and a little scared. Use these elements of excitement and fear as fuel for the sacred fire that is building deep within.  Soon the fear will lessen, your true purpose will be revealed, and you will receive the satisfaction and sanctity of the true love and abundance that awaits you. This is now the time and the opportunity to sanctify the idea that you are a world citizen, a part of the living whole.
And as a part of this wholeness, you are strengthened to join, synergistically, with the force that is being created. It is this force that will carry you with dignity and grace to your goals.

Old ways and ideas have been holding you in bondage. It will be of great benefit to be brutally honest with yourself and look to what has kept you from giving and receiving the love you so desire and have hoped for. By coming to stillness you will feel this bright bounding energy coming to you. It may be in the form of a person or an idea whose time has come.

To receive this opportunity you are asked to abandon patterns that have kept you in place—a place that has been a comfortable for sure, but it is a place lacking in fire and passion. Go to this new place   and make your commitment   to be in service to the greater good on this journey.  In this action, all doubt and fear will leave you.   From this place,  you can sing the song of lovers as the sacred marriage becomes real. Take heart; you can’t always get what you want, but you can try. And it is in that trying where all the gifts of light, love and a balanced happiness await you.

You are being shown the place where Unio Mystic takes place: heart and soul united. When heart and soul are united the result is a quiet mind, ready to make your life, the life of your tribe, and Gaia, a better place. A place that will sustain life, not destroy it. A quiet mind is the lens you look through during great change that allows you to see what is truth in your life and what must be changed or left behind you as you lighten your load and reach for a greater position in your relationships, business, your art and spiritual life.

You have worked and worried hard on this last leg of the journey. Now use every tool you have gained and held in your virtual (and very real) medicine bag—the place where you keep your power totems. Using these tools of spirit, examine your habitual, patterned behavior and change your way of thinking. Change the words from the past playing in your head, the words that stopped you from loving and from being loved. Convert the negative to the positive; this is the gift of the human process. You are in the mode of learning to receive, learning that receiving does not hurt, it inspires. Embrace and rededicate what works, but destroy and burn what doesn’t, and be ruthless about it.

You need no special gifts to see yourself in the light of truth because your light, Li, is doubled at this time. You can see and feel everything clearly now. Trust what you see. Affirm that you will destroy old, negative patterns, and when you do, they will no longer have any power over you. You will be released to revel in a new freedom of thought, feeling, spirit, and loving light.

You are moving into the space of true love and your true purpose. Once it is found and recognized, it will need tending. Diligence, dignity, kindness, grace, honesty, fearlessness, and compassion will allow you to cultivate this loving light. These are all right at your fingertips.

Integrity and compassion will open the doorway to trust, to accepting your greatness and strength. Using the proper fuel will allow you to create a fire that can spread clarity to your tribe and family who also yearn for the light. Be assured that you are the one—and at this time the only one—who can deliver this light in all its fullness. By increasing the light by using the proper fuels, the intensity of the flames cause no damage; the flames become a healing light, the light of love, creativity, health, and passion.

You will find that along with old rancid patterns and behaviors, you will be leaving the worn-out and painful alliances of family, friends, and associates, breaking the unsaid contracts that have bound you to old ways, the ways that did not leave room for you to remember your truth. You will again find the beauty of what was etched in the original canvas of your heart, the memory of who you truly are, and for what purpose you came to Earth at this time.

The feeling that is stirring within you is the power that allows you to remember who you truly are in all your magnificence as you step out from behind the veils in your glorious garb of light for all to see. You are at last safe! Enjoy the ride and bring a friend, a child, a lover. Recognize the loving beings of spirit who have been standing with you, waiting for you to step forward into the light of truth, beauty, and goodness.

The unexpected is here, bringing together what belongs together.  Give it all of your heart, body, and soul.

Be the love you desire and that you will receive. This is the magical inner alchemy this hexagram, Li, is preparing you for.




6 thoughts on “I Ching for This Week – #30 Li – Radiance

  1. wow Bobby K. Thank you for this. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. I hope my finances turn around soon. Maybe someday I can come see you and meet you. I just read your bio and am intrigued. Blessings from Toronto, Canada.

    • Wonderful! I join in your wishes for financial abundance for all of us! Then maybe I can come and visit you, as well! I’m in transition right now, on my way with my wife Alia from Morocco to the Pacific Northwest, (preliminary) final location still undetermined 😉

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