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Dearest Friends,

Much of my journey in the last 10 years is underlined by Eckhart Tolle’s wonderful book “The New Earth”. His clear message, untainted by any particular wisdom tradition, has been a touchstone for me since the first time I read it and it has accompanied me throughout the years. It is valid still today as a view of how Humanity can live its full potential in a peaceful, loving world.

The New Earth Project very much deserves this name. Sacha Stone is the founder and one of the most eloquent spokespersons. I am showcasing New Earth through some select videos on this post and also with the link to the webpage of the New Earth Project, with two excellent PDF’s (link here). One is The Presentation (19 pages) and the other is The Blueprint (49 pages). If you have ever dreamt of a workable, living utopia, then you will want to download them and study them.

I hope this post excites some of you the way New Earth excites my wife and me. Enjoy!

Intro video (3:14)

New Earth Launch video (5:51)

Newest Info: posted 12/2/13: YouTube Interview with Sasha Stone

Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Bob Wright interview with Sacha Stone

New Earth Project webpage:

New Earth Facebook Page:

12 thoughts on “New Earth Project

  1. FINALLY just finished the first long video. Oh, Tomas. Heart happy and very optimistic. Cautiously so, but how wonderful to hear and feel the expanded, deeper understanding coming through on more of a global playing field level. It is so refreshing to hear one that is dancing in the heart of the shadow on that expanded level using the deprogramming language of love seemingly at their core foundations. From my experience, creation is actually possible then back out from that foundation level of “unconditional love” as the building blocks and currency as it is the only thing that will actually be effective in changing what we see on a larger fractal scale.

    I already live (for the most part) using that type of currency and sovereign engagement in my own home and activity of daily living community with family and friends. How wonderful to contemplate a way of fully pulling more of my living the life of M resources out of the old system and having a larger playing field to contribute them to in a way THAT CAN ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE (no offense intended to the likes of The Water Project(s), et al.)! I just have learned how important it is to be very careful with spilling my time, talents and energy into perpetuating anything that is already broken. One does not place a tiny band aide over that what needs amputation.

    I appreciate you pointing me to your post about your actual felt physical experience interacting with those involved with this particular project. That is important and very valuable to me. I have some acid tests that people that I physically meet go through without them even knowing about them… I laughingly call this my “smell tests”. It is just feeling in physically being with them how well in actual living they are able to sustain walking the talk (this is not a judge-y thing, rather a way of seeing how much static I can detect WHILE acknowledging I still have my own in the way as well 🙂 ).

    I still catch myself attempting to cat nap from time to time as the window dressing of form attempts to capture my attention and turn my head (hello you beautiful home at the Oregon Coast you -lol). HOWEVER, ego reels back in pretty quickly and the dance with the bankers to get here reminds me what is really going on and I begin to ping out for ways to actually contribute tangibly to different ways of living again (past the working on my own heart receiving and maintaining with clarity the collective signal).

    You might enjoy a quick perusal as I take a peek at your next post on the importance of being sovereign as well. This essay was posted up last year by my hubby as a sort of secret present as that day is my birthday 🙂 :

    and the last thoughts recently shared:

    Heartening to see that having not known of these formal groups until now, we are all coming to the same places. VERY important to me is to access for feeling and not just content. Do I walk away from touching such discussion of shadow empowered, hopeful and motivated after I listen and watch? First tiny exposure out, and I can honestly answer yes I do. And for me, that has gotten to be a rarer and rarer thing.

    Blessings Tomas.

    We will all get “there” (wherever that is 🙂 ) in the end.


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  3. Tomas,

    As things are quieting for me in the coming week, I am very much looking forward to watching these videos. I have finally just finished creating the first stages of my own version of a drift wood office :)… a manifestation potential now made real that occurred just shortly after you posted such a wonderful share about your own.

    It will be interesting to me to see how well the individuals in these videos have manifested the new earth inside themselves already, because until it has happened there with a firm and consistent mastery in their access to conscious being, externally it will not be able to live up to the dream. So many communities like this that I have seen spring up run into such challenges as the participants have yet to internalize what it is they are hoping to manifest externally.

    What we dream and make real out in the external world is always a perfectly matched mirror of our current level of egoic mastery in creation internally. Shadows usually come out to play in full force in their external utopias because they had been swept under the rug internally by participants who had been looking to escape their current reality instead of it being looked at and loved in the light of their actually living it’s resolution in their day to day lives BEFORE they retreated from the world at large into them 🙂 .

    I have found that the new earth for me, is created in the everyday now happening right where I am in line in the grocery store in the flow of my “ordinary” life. I live and create it with each choice I make in HOW I consciously choose to do what I do (and also do not do 🙂 )… what I am actually doing and where it is and with whom I am doing it becomes a secondary concern still at that level of our shared game. Until this idea of utopia is experienced by the participants also in the middle of Time Square in a held state of no time itself 🙂 , these communities will continue to have the perfect storm of foundational flaws needed for the participants good and growth.

    This does not mean that I have given up on the dream of enough of the tribe waking up and then having done their personal work so that we are ready to stand in the middle of the square in NYC together already in our new earth… for me, this is when the actual physical building of a real location could be successfully done. However, I suspect we might find it is not really necessary then in the same way one would think it is needed now as we find it is on wheels and goes with us wherever we are called on the planet to just BE. It is not ever actually the in location itself. 🙂

    Thanks again for wonderful shares! Happy to have finally created enough “no time” time in my life flow to peek in here again. ALWAYS, all ways love what is found by the heart here shared by you and A.


    • Thank you for your response, M! I am happy to see you peek in again as it means you do, indeed, have space again in your life.
      Both my wife and I have been in intentional communities that manifested shortcomings exactly as you described. So we both have lived through that dynamic and in the aftermath (in my case 10 years in the community) have digested and distilled the wisdom of that very intense learning experience. This also makes both of us very, very, very wary of any kind of leaders or hidden agendas that the proponents of such new ways of being together may not be aware of themselves (very often thy are not).

      In this sense, your words could have been written by me and I underscore each of them three times! and this very definitely includes “Being as it’s own fulfillment” which need no further enhancement. Therefore, it is clearly not a statement as to how one “should” live that is the basis of this vigorously growing movement for a New Earth. I see it more as the voice of Gaia herself, and each of us as her creatures, to finally say “Enough!” to the aspects of reality that are not to our liking, knowing that we have, indeed, created them through our beliefs about reality. Reality itself can be paradise on Earth and those who feel attracted to creating that reality will join together to do so.

      In this sense, use your own discrimination, which I know you do anyway, and take some time to feel into the soul frequency of these videos. By the way, check out my posts with the tag “Tehachapi” and you will read about Alia and my recent experiences meeting “in the flesh” with Lisa, Bob, Brian and many more who are involved in this movement.

      with Love,

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