In the following text I find the words “a transparent, joyful acquiescence” especially evocative. Also this passage: “taking its miraculous unfolding for granted; using all of itself with great, gracious, creatively aggressive abandon“, while referring here to the consciousness of our body, inspires me as well. Taking for granted here in for me tells me not to see this miraculous unfolding in a routine way, but to realize that it is something I can depend on continuing to happen as it is the default of this existence I am a part of. I hope each of you will find inspiration through these words.


“The state of grace is a condition in which all growth is effortless, a transparent (pause), joyful acquiescence that is a ground requirement of all existence. Your own body grows naturally and easily from its time of birth, not expecting resistance but taking its miraculous unfolding for granted; using all of itself with great, gracious, creatively aggressive abandon.

Jane Roberts Seth

Jane Roberts and Seth as painted by her husband Rob.

“You were born into a state of grace, therefore. It is impossible for you to leave it. You will die in a state of grace whether or not special words are spoken for you, or water or oil is poured upon your head. You share this blessing with the animals and all other living things. You cannot ‘fall out of grace’, nor can it be taken from you.

“You can ignore it. You can hold beliefs that blind you to its existence. You will still be graced but unable to perceive your own uniqueness and integrity, and blind also to other attributes with which you are automatically gifted.”

Seth through Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality, p. 150

7 thoughts on “Grace

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  2. Once again I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for Seth. Sometimes I forget how very deeply and clearly his words resonate for me. I look into his eyes in that portrait and laugh and know he is speaking directly to me. Filled with love.

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