Giving of Yourself


From a Tarot reading last weekend:

Temperance: “She has learned to temper her life in such a way that she maintains and expresses her passion perfectly. By learning to do this, she is living her life as fully as possible with her internal beliefs in perfect harmony with her external actions.”

“Moderate your life in all ways: physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Let your action (or inaction) be appropriate to the situation.”

“We are able to turn in any direction from a point of balance and higher perspective. We are both in motion and suspended above the mundane activities of life, understanding both the material and the spiritual as important.”

I was at the One People’s gathering in Tehachapi, CA last weekend. There I met up with many extraordinary people. There were over 100 people from all over the country and from around the world. In the course of 5 days I connected with more than 40 of them personally and was able to hear and observe the other 60 in the course of several activities. I have been to many similar gatherings and events and now, a week later, I look back at the connections I made and am filled with deep joy. Here is the proof for me that we are in the midst of a great transformation of humanity. These were many, many individuals with a mature understanding of what the Tarot text above tells us.

Such was the impression of the weekend gathering, which was the kick-off event for the OPAL Tour (One People Absent Limits), that my Dearest Wife, Alia was moved to join the caravan of (at that time) 10 RV’s and several pickups and vans. She is traveling in a new-found friend’s RV together with another woman from the gathering at least as far as Texas. I am back in Gold Beach, Oregon minding our Feline Merlina and supporting Alia from here.

I know that the entire caravan is powered by spirit, however,  since (as the Tarot mentions) we also need Earthly fuel, plus money for repairs, RV park fees, etc. etc. I am appealing to all of you to donate what you feel is possible for you to support this amazing traveling event.

At this link you will find the “Support OPAL” button.

The following for Core Principles of the OPAL Tour give some insight into the quality of this event:

Four Core Principles:

Oneness – We are all ONE. Respect and love each other equally as Eternal Essence family.

Universal Value Exchange – Moving beyond representations of value, we are transitioning into a direct value exchange. True value is within each being and is gifted to others without conditions or expectations of receiving something in return. We continue to utilize all forms and tools of the old 3D paradigm until we shift fully into the new Universal Value Exchange.

Self Responsibility – All beings are acting in full self responsibility & liability, representing only themselves.

Participation – We encourage you to break through boundaries and limitations by participating fully in community with each other in a loving and supportive environment. Be open to assisting and helping the collective wherever needed.

Here is the basic info on the tour:


The inspiration for the O.P.A.L. Tour began with you. We are guided by the many voices and hearts which reach out for community, unity and being together with the knowing that You are NOT alone anymore.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting

Our Mission:
To make redundant the systems of manipulation and bureaucracy that have inserted themselves into our culture in order to stand between us as individuals. Those who have maintained a monopoly of control and suppression over distribution, dissemination, creativity and innovation. We will do this by sharing directly, person to person, group to group, community to community.

The O.P.A.L Crew are very excited to announce that we will be traveling with a working model of a water powered generator and freely sharing ALL the necessary information for anyone to duplicate. If funding allows this will extend into conversion of the tour vehicles, which will be distributed in the same fashion.

To follow the energetic trail that calls us forth, empowering awakened hearts and minds across the country. To unite our human family by creating an open space for people to connect, commune and share as One People in peace, love, absolute transparency and above all, limitless in our potential.

From conception, through planning and during the tour, to expand and stretch ourselves to BE Absent Limits. In doing so we hope to be an example of what is possible when the ONE People collaborate their DOing in ways that make their hearts sing. This tour is a living example of our collective desire for change in the world, the first of many creative projects by the ONE People. We, which includes all of you, will be looking to expand our DOings together in the NOW, remembering that our goals are Absent Limits!

The 5D Media Crew set the intent to create a space of ‘absent limits’, that means accomplishing in 6 weeks what would have taken 6 months in the old paradigm. We have manifested thus far:

  • The crew contributed their own resources to secure the first of 3 required Motorhomes
  • The first O.P.A.L meet up and tour launch has been organised for the weekend of 25-27th October in Tehachapi, CA. Details on the Itinerary page.
  • 2 appearances have been secured at the Ascension Rising Conference in Sedona, Arizona. Brian and Bob will be running a workshop on Saturday. Brian, Lisa and Bob will be speaking in the main room at the conference on Sunday to promote The OPAL Tour and unite with like minds.

Darius Wright, Bob’s nephew, produced this beautiful YouTube video with highlights of the Tehachapi Gathering:

Please Give of Yourselves in Support! Thank you!

Then….close your eyes and IMAGINE. Imagine a world without limits. Imagine a global society of ONE, DOing what we Love instead of what we feel we “have” to DO to make ends meet. Free of war. Free of hate. Free of judgment, hunger, oppression, control and manipulation. Where all of God’s children have food, clothes, shelter, unencumbered and unrestricted access to innovation and creation. Free energy. Absolute Technology. Imagine. No borders. No hoarders. The whole of Humanity loving thy neighbor as thy self. An enlightened planet and people. Imagine. Clean air. Clean water. Healthy food and sustainable living. Now close your eyes and IMAGINE. Absent Limits. Set your intent. See it. Feel it. BE it. Live it. Breathe it. Believe it. Share it with others. Some may laugh at such a Utopian society. To that I say, “NO my friends, THIS is our destiny! John Lennon — “you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as ONE.” ~BK

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6 thoughts on “Giving of Yourself

  1. One People,

    keep up the good work and the good vibes. The New Earth is already here!!! We have imagined it and now the DOing has started. We are One. Nice one, folks.

    Here on Mama Afrika, the awakening is a bit slower :)) Soon, we will catch up 🙂

    In Peace, BT

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