A Berlin Wall Moment – Be True

I just came across the expression “Berlin Wall Moment”. The author was referring to the point when the East German Secret Police (the “Stasi” = Staats-Sicherheit) and the East German police force (Vopos = Volkspolizei) refused to go against the civil rights protesters inside of the German Democratic Republic (official name for Communist East Germany). The result was that the authorities announced that anyone could now “visit” West Berlin. The rest is history: East Germans poured over, around and through the heretofore “death zone” in front of the wall on the East side and over the wall. My home was in West Berlin at the time of fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. I was there when the population from two sectors of the city finally were united! What euphoria and celebration! Everyone was your brother, your sister, your father or your mother, or perhaps your grandma or grandpa! Love and friendship ruled the next days as West Germans greeted their cousins from across the wall with food baskets, gifts, clothing etc. etc.

There are presently many sectors of the population in the USA in protest in various ways. I experienced the mounting of dissatisfaction with the government and the social system in the years leading up to 9 November, 1989 in Germany and the feeling “in the air” that something had to give is what I am feeling here in the USA now, too.

The following two images stand together for me as the “outside” image and the “inside” image. When we are true to ourselves life’s circumstances follow and change of necessity.





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