Spirit Man


Today I am introducing to you my new Facebook Page: Spirit Man

Spirit Man

When I first heard the words “spirit man” I perked my ears. It was almost twenty months ago that a message was given to me: “The person I know in my soul, I am. I am not the person I think I am with this body-mind. I know him. It’s OK for me to be the spirit-man I have held within my since earliest times.”

Now these words come up again in my awareness and I begin to listen to them and to what they are telling me. They are saying that I am dedicated to spirit as a man. Man is not so much the gender as the physical dimension of living in a human body.

Spirit means to be aware of the inner effulgence that is my ultimate reality, or ultimate dimension. Living as a man is a relative dimension that is sustained by the inner effulgence.

The effulgence is not really “inner” because it is that by which we are conscious of forms and so it is before the appearance of forms. It pervades the forms and sustains them. I call it inner because I connect with this effulgence when I feel I am merging inward. The dimension of forms is relative to the effulgence as forms depend on the effulgence for everything. The effulgence is absolute because it does not depend on anything.

As Spirit Man I see where this living energy, this intelligent infinity is coursing through our veins, our thoughts, our actions and our words. I also see where dead form is walking around with the alive essence almost completely dormant. It is dimmed down like one last glowing ember under the thick layer of ash in the fireplace.

What I express here on this page is this spectrum from corpse-like trance to alive awakeness. I want to blow on the still glowing embers and to fan them into flame. The spirit that is already a dancing flame in a physical form draws me irresistibly into the dance of joy to celebrate spirit in form together.

My work is to nurture the growth of spirit and to foster a calm aura around me and others so that peace may reign again on this beautiful planet.

For more go to: https://www.facebook.com/777spiritman


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