We Meet in Wonder


“In recognizing yourself as life itself, you are put right-side up. You freshly live your life, rather than thinking it and then trying to live according to those thoughts. You directly experience your life, and insights naturally follow that experience. The thinking mind becomes the servant—rather than the master—to the direct experience of life.

“A fulfilled life is a life of discovery and exploration. It may be touched with excitement or fear or desire, but at the core it is filled with peace, and delight.

“We meet in wonder of this mystery that we have named “Life.

“It’s a free life… it’s your life.”

Gangaji Oct 2013for more from Gangaji: www.gangaji.org/

source: A few words from Gangaji


2 thoughts on “We Meet in Wonder

  1. Great Post.
    We have to search our own routes to chase the mystery called ‘Life’ to reach the destination.
    It should be direct experience of life as such as said.

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