This Love

This Love




It is.

A force more pervasive than the ether and more forceful than an avalanche

It is.

It wields the two-handed sword that precludes defense, holding back or hesitation of any kind.

It is open and aggressive in its deep and most gentle reminders from which there is no respite.

If you choose to live

You must obey its precepts.

It is all of this and more with complete concurrence of its opponent,

which is always and forever none other than itself

in a forgotten shape that has become shrouded in the gray veil of forgetfulness.

All of these qualities are thrown into battle

to return the lost face back into the blessed oblivion of ignorance,

The primal state before the word ~ the state of Source

from which the word creatures are spewed incessantly into knowingness

so that they may recognize themselves in the descent back into oblivion.

Surrender your adamant loyalty to the word creature

and bathe once again in the fountain of love, my child,

as the sweet, innocent Nobody.


depth and delight of love

5 thoughts on “This Love

  1. I love your use of words it shows how love is wonderful but if misused can be a love avalanche that’ll consume you, at least that’s what I interpreted it 🙂

    • Thanks for your response, Justin, it is very thoughtful. What i was attempting to express is that love is like a force of nature and is absolutely unstoppable. If I am truly possessed by love, than I will never hurt another because love is the sense of not really being separate from the other. When I live “in love” I become more and more aware of the fact that what I do to another I do actually to another part of me (the “big” me, which is the Great One). In this sense, to be consumed by love is our true destiny. tomas ☼

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