Open Your Heart to the World

Open your heart to the world

Vulnerable I am

Can I be hurt?

When hurt is our daily bread

There is only one move to make – open more

How can I find out if my life will be equal to this hurt?

Going for shelter in this storm will kill me

All the angels spread wide their wings in pain

Only then do they know what pain is

Do pain and knowing belong together?

Is there knowing free of this friction?

The best thing I heard in a long time was

Bring your full mind into your body.

There is a reverse effort that is magical:

Swallow the pain, swallow all experiences like red glowing iron balls

Be a glutton for the world’s suffering and discover your non-limits

Discover how you cannot be more than you are

Something somehow shifts gears up into lower rpms

Until you reach very low

Only the simple weed on the side of the path can measure the mighty redwood

Let me sink into this lowest place where all the stench is found

Let me come to inhale the other side of things

Dammit! as long as I fear I will perish!

So let me drink it in deeply this bitter nectar of death

and suffering

Who knows? Maybe I’ll survive!


7 thoughts on “Open Your Heart to the World

  1. The human animal needs contrasts – pain heightens one to joy, which is both journey and destination.

    Thank you for this lovely and profound sharing, Tomas – enlightened indeed 🙂

  2. Tomas.. well deep and deep pain certainly have helped me see love.. The bitter stench so sweetly smells. I love the poem and the sentiment you express..

    Thank you for sharing it and your love in doing so.. Joe 🙂

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