B4Peace July – Letters for Peace

Which letter should we take for peace?

What about “G”. G stands for good and if you are doing good then you are creating peace.

Let’s take “K”. K means keep the peace wherever you are. Support those who keep the peace and have understanding and compassion for those who are caught up in violence.

How about “D”? Well, let’s see now… D is for dogs who are always happy to just lick you hand and smile with their eyes to you when you pet them. Dogs are for peace.

“I” stands for inside because that is where peace begins. When I feel at peace with myself and feel peaceful inside then I will be sincere in all that I do outside and that brings peace.

“S” is the letter for serenity. I read someone saying their husband was “stunningly serene”. What a wonderful thing to have such a relationship. I am sure they are a peace with each other.

Let’s move on to “P” for power. When I realize how much all that I think, say and do effects the world around me and all of the people I meet every day then I know how much power I have. When I acknowledge this to myself and take full responsibility for my power then I will surely use it only for peace because I then know what terrible effect any other action of mine will have.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

How wonderful to experience quiet. “Q” is a beautiful letter because it is a circle, wide open, empty and with a little foot where it is grounded to the Earth. To be quiet and feel a deep connection with the Earth inspires us to live for peace on Earth.

Take the letter “J” and we think of joy. Real joy is enjoying being together with others doing something. We can devote ourselves to that and use every waking moment for that and then we are creating peace in the world.

What are your favorite Letters for Peace?


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19 thoughts on “B4Peace July – Letters for Peace

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  4. Y… for the YUMMINESS available on the other side of each breath and in any experience while being alive here. Moving in the world from a place of observation from within an inner peace always is delicious. -x.M mmmmmmmmm good 🙂

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