Disappear and Discover Something Wonderful – You!

This is an article from Emily’s wonderfully inspiring blog

The heART of Living

I am re-posting it on Heartflow because I find what Emily suggests here so beautifully simple and appealing:

Posted by emilyparkinsonperry June 26, 2013

“I’m feeling it—the kind of freedom that only comes from taking a month out of life to disappear for a while. The space I feel now as I near the end of a much-anticipated and much-appreciated month away from daily routine is so deeply peaceful that I want to share some easy ways that you can access it too. (An entire month isn’t necessary—but take one if you can!)

  1. Stage a power outage. Plan one evening per month to turn off the power to your house. Turn off all electronics, I-devices, TV’s, and video games. Plan in advance to have something for dinner on hand, and simply hang out with your family and engage in uninterrupted conversation or play hide-and-seek in the dark. If you’re solo; light some candles, soak in the tub, or simply sit and enjoy the absence of noise and light.
  2. Get Outside. Even if the best you can do is step into your backyard—do it. Place your bare feet in the dirt or on the grass and listen to the natural sound of nature. If you have the time and the opportunity, go for a walk in your neighborhood or Local Park. Try to be someplace that is far enough away from traffic that it sounds less like noisy vehicles and more like a distant shore.  If you have a whole day or live a short distance from the mountains, go to a place where you’re more likely to see wildlife than human life. The natural energy of the earth will re-charge and rejuvenate you.
  3. Listen. Put on your favorite music, sit in your favorite chair, and just listen. Feel how your body responds to the music. Select something that relaxes your muscles and softens your skin. Close your eyes and visualize the music as energy that permeates and moves through your body. Observe any emotions that rise up and also observe their passing. If you become distracted by thoughts, gently guide your attention back to the sound and the energy of the music. Listen to one song or a whole album of favorites. Allow yourself to be healed by the energetic vibration of sound.
  4. Select something visually stimulating and rest your eyes upon it. Choose something that moves naturally, such as the leaves of the treetops as they sway in the wind, the natural movement of water, a bird’s graceful flight, or the contrast between light and dark as shadows dance across a room. Notice how your body feels as you take a few moments to soften the eyes and enjoy the gift of visual stimulation.
  5. Meditate. Take a comfortable seat, lengthen your spine, and simply observe the movement of your breath, the feeling of your pulse, the temperature of your skin, and the distant passing of your thoughts. Let go of any expectations and simply allow yourself to be present with whatever comes up. Watch it come and watch it go. Enjoy being in your body.

It is not a luxury to care for yourself in this way. It is an essential component to your health, the health of your relationships, and your offering to the rest of the world. Disappear and discover something wonderful—you!”

Emily-s calming picture


2 thoughts on “Disappear and Discover Something Wonderful – You!

  1. was just looking at this earth and heart and it is just the “H” rearranged :)… wasn’t there something in the Christian cannon about the first being last and the last being first?! lol Just noticing this for the first time. Words are so interesting for what they expand and contract. Blessings on your head. -xo.M

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