The Spark

The Spark

Out of nothing a spark

Its light ricocheting infinitely

In the breaking waves and in the coffee foam,

In the child’s eyes and jumping legs

Spinning a pirouette in the sand – the spark.

10 years old and life is an adventure

Barefoot in the creek numbing his toes – the spark.

How heart-wrenching the seagull’s dance with the wind:

The spark as a feathered flyer dancing.

Sun on my face – the spark warming,

And gently crashing waves:

The spark exploding a crescendo in my ears.

Breathe clear and pure the air –

The spark invisible invigorating,

As deep and full as the blue above.

Whence and Why?

No answer.

The spark defies definition and words.

Call it Love if you will.


 waves and bird

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