Solstice Two Thousand and Thirteen


Solstice Two Thousand and Thirteen


Standing among the driftwood

On the southern Oregon Coast

These white-dried bones of once mighty trees

Watching the sun set

It sears my soul with a deep golden-red fire

The dense black of the charred tree stump

Gives me a strange solace

I wonder why?

I am not here to answer questions

Each one I ask myself leads to a hundred more

And in each I see my own eyes staring back at me

Was I afraid to see myself looking back at me?

So wantonly

Openly flaunting the obvious fact:

You alone are

Another metaphysical metaphor to soothe the troubled spirit

You say

I say I was there and cannot forget it ever

On that day I had a sixth sense in the pit of my stomach

Threatening me

Don’t go there it’s taboo

Something terrible horrific lethal will seize you


You are stepping off the deep end

You’ll be blown to smithereens forever lost

Insanity is what it is beware!


Another time I sat next to the 97-year-old

He slumped in his wheel-chair

I his caregiver in these last days

Another sun setting over Smith River

He was a fighter

Had been a prize-fighter in times gone by

Proud and strong a winner

Now that was all he knew his instinct:

Fight death

Now was the time for him

To look his opponent square in the eyes

Finally after months he is asking for my help

He was asking “What…?”

It could not be a studied response

Gut response he wanted

Look around I said

It’s all going soon all will be gone

What do you say to that? I ask him

But I gave them all I had!

Ungrateful bastards!

No matter – it will all be gone

Look around I said

Soon it will all be gone

Make up your mind

It’s up to you

Go with it or be dragged

It doesn’t care

It’s all the same to the Great One

No emotions there

It moves as it must and now you must

Go soon

While I spoke few words and simple

with calm intensity

I was with the One of the One


Strange how to say it

I was back in that me looking at me

What will I say to me?

I want my guts

Not my syrupy thoughts ideas notions

I want me to give it to me straight

Between the eyes

Kill me

Have it over with

All this romantic nonsense

What is the Fact

Show it to me


Is there hope then?

After the ultimate honesty?


It’s more than that

much much more infinitely more

Each must carve it out of their own flesh

That’s all I can say


No answers

Just the Fact

You alone are

Do with it what you will

That is your only free choice


He chose and ended the fight

with great honor


Transcendence is a strange thing to witness

Seems so other-worldly

And yet it is the most real thing of all

~ end ~


4 thoughts on “Solstice Two Thousand and Thirteen

  1. Beautiful. Truth between the eyes. In a kind hearted way. In a no-nonsense way.
    I remember when I first realised I am alone, each of us is alone. Sobbed for days. But if it’s all One how could we not be.
    Thank you for pulling me back to the Truth, even if for just this moment.

    • Yes, that’s it – and even then I ask if the word “One” implies another? I remember Krishnamurti saying that the “other” is the greatest obscenity. He set the bar high 😉 Hope you both are well! with Love Tomas

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