Inside there is silence…

I met my neighbor sitting on the steps to the apartment up the street. He was completely sloshed so that he could hardly sit up straight. He is a very gentle and sweet guy but at some point alcohol got him. What to say? What to do? My heart breaks open and all I can do is feel for him, and with him all of humanity that is caught in the nightmare of living without knowing who or what they are. OM TAT SAT ~ may the light inside of each of us make itself known to each and every one of us.

12 thoughts on “Silence

  1. People are a walking, living and breathing misery, often through pain and despair we start to retract and see things from a different view, it’s his choice.

      • God gives us nightmares so that we want to finally wake up, most times people do not want truth, because it’s bitter, they want candy that is sweet, it’s all the candy that has rotted them out. I am certainly not against helping anybody or showing compassion, for God works through us for his divine purposes. But you have to admit people sabotage their own existance, and sometimes they ahve to reach the bottom.

        • Complete agreement, Aletheia ~ I know that I certainly had to reach the bottom a few times before I realized it was the bottom and then finally began the ascent again.

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